4 Life Lessons To Light The Flame of Your Future

Layoffs are being announced in many industry segments, while others are struggling to staff their operations fully. Such an environment discourages those with dreams in their heart and head.

I Don’t Want You Controlling My Every Waking Hour

I’m not surprised by the trend of employees’ “quiet resignation.” However, as a response to today’s all-consuming culture, it is a bit concerning for the individual.

Are Your Boundaries Helping, Or Hindering You?

Boundaries can be tricky. Held overly tight, they become a jail cell imprisoning you. Held too loosely every project—no matter the scope—and everyone else’s priorities own you.

Your Dreams Aren’t In Your Rearview Mirror

It doesn’t bode well for anyone driving toward a new “can’t wait to get there” destination by focusing on the rearview mirror instead of the front windshield. Operating your career with the same mindset leads to disaster as well.

Not A Great Idea To Build Your Career Solo

I’m guessing it will not surprise anyone who follows me that I strongly advocate: “No one gets to the top alone.” This advice holds true, especially for women who have a more challenging time achieving success in the business world, even with all of our giftedness.

4 Life Lessons To Light The Flame of Your Future

We all see seismic marketplace shifts taking place...

I Don’t Want You Controlling My Every Waking Hour

There is no question that despite businesses touting...

Are Your Boundaries Helping, Or Hindering You?

Are you feeling off-kilter and don’t know why? Is it...

Your Dreams Aren’t In Your Rearview Mirror

It doesn’t bode well for anyone driving toward a new...

Not A Great Idea To Build Your Career Solo

I’m guessing it will not surprise anyone who follows me...

Nancy FredericksMeet Nancy

Nancy Fredericks is a preeminent Business Executive Strategist, Author and Thought Leader. Corporations like Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Allergan and Transamerica have retained her to optimize individual and organizational performance.

As a gifted coach, she partners with executives to produce sustainable, powerful results. Her approach identifies hidden problems that keep executives from mastering the gap between the results they are currently producing and the results they are capable of and want to produce in expanding their leadership range. She brings more to a coaching relationship than simply business savvy—she is an innovative collaborator.

Nancy is a pioneer in the field of gender diverse leadership an expertise she brings to all of her training programs. She co-authored Dancing on the Glass Ceiling, Tap into Your True Strengths, Activate Your Vision, and Get What You Really Want Out of Your Career (Published by McGraw-Hill).

In addition, NFI produces the highly successful gender diverse proprietary programs: Leadership for Men Only and Leadership for Women Only. These professional programs address barriers that handicap effectiveness, success and advancement for both genders; and advocates practical tips for overcoming them.

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Mindful Business Tips

If you want to be an influencer in your organization, you need to demonstrate creativity. Not comfortable with that? In this video, Nancy offers tips to open your mind to tapping into your creativity into your creativity.

Like this tip? There’s plenty more!

Thank you so much for the coaching call yesterday. Some things really clicked for me. It is such a blessing to work with you and I have really learned more from each of our interactions than from the vast majority of workshops, trainings and coaching sessions I have participated in. You are amazing!
Global Technology Company

Senior Director, Corporate Marketing

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Nancy Fredericks is a dynamic, inspiring, professional presenter, who is dedicated to optimizing individual and company performance. Nancy can address your company on any of these topics… [More]


Drawing on her extensive background consulting with Fortune 500 companies, as well as years of creating seminars and delivering inspiring keynotes, Nancy Fredericks offers powerful and provocative development programs… [More]


There’s no question the challenges facing businesses today are fiercer than ever before. Working with businesses of every size and variety, NFI guides companies to achieve improved business results by… [More]

I’ve come to realize I am in control of my career path…

and that I can do many things to promote myself within the company. More importantly, I’ve realized that I do need to ‘coach myself.’ No one else is going to do that for me. The change comes from within. I credit this change to Nancy, who has given me the tools to coach myself to the top.

Corporate Counsel

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

Nancy Writes

I could have avoided some major problems…

It… was, for me, both good news and bad news. By that, I mean that I wish I’d had the information when I began my professional career some 20+ years ago. If I had, I could have avoided some major problems encountered when trying to figure out how to work most effectively with my male peers and superiors.

Entrepreneur/Business Owner

A real look at what it takes to be an executive…

It… helped me understand the blocks and get to the root of them. Nancy… spoke the truth with no sugar coating and provided some great real examples to help the light bulbs go on. It was a focused, no bull, a real look at what it takes to be an executive.

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

Director of Sales Operations

Its about… celebrating your strengths

The… focus is not on learning how to become more like a man, but on celebrating your strengths as a woman, and on understanding what may be getting in the way of your being successful in the roles defined in the business world.

Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

Senior Human Resources Executive

No one gets to the top alone. Not companies. Not individuals. Success requires teamwork and collaboration. NFI helps companies and individuals find new strategies for success.

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