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Nancy Fredericks is a dynamic, inspiring, professional presenter, who is dedicated to optimizing individual and company performance. Her speaking approach is interactive and engaging. Nancy knows in order to create a successful event that resonates with the audience; it is essential to connect with them providing a comfortable and natural environment for participation. Nancy can address your company on any one of these topics—or create a custom presentation based on your needs.

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BALANCED LEADERSHIP: The Essential Model for Success

In the last 30 years, American business has undergone radical changes, and the old leadership model is no longer sufficient to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Find out how to combine the power of rational and innovative thinking to move your organization forward and lead in effective new ways — an important concept for both male and female executives.



Building collaborative relationships—as opposed to competitive ones—is a powerful ability that sets leaders apart. Because a true leader understands that an impressive bottom line results from a mosaic of people with different talents, values, strengths and experiences. The key to becoming a legendary producer in an organization is to become a powerful people connector. Someone who can take those different people with different and sometimes conflicting abilities and inspire them to work together as a team.


THE CREATIVE LEADER: The Life Blood of an Organization

In today’s highly competitive business environment, creativity is the distinguishing characteristic of highly successful leaders and their organizations. Creativity is not a random, unpredictable skill set. Rather, it follows a process that can be understood and encouraged. Once you recognize the paradoxical tensions that exist and appreciate your responsibility as a leader, creative and innovative ideas will burst forth within your organization.


FROM MANAGER TO LEADER: The Critical Distinction

The vitality of any organization is based upon the strength of its leaders and their ability to inspire greatness in the organization. Too many organizations discover that their executive ranks are made up of managers rather than leaders. One of the key distinctions between executives who are high-level contributors and those who aren’t is their ability to give up skills sets that have been instrumental in achieving their success and taking on new ones. This process—Reinventing Yourself—is not comfortable and yet it is essential for career advancement. Executives who embrace this process will succeed in higher positions of responsibility and authority in their organizations.


A Sample of Speeches Offered Specifically for Women:

YOUR FEMININE POWER: Use the Advantages You Never Knew You Had

For far too long, the model of the successful businesswoman was really just that of being a man in a skirt. We’ve come a long way, baby. Learn to appreciate and develop your uniquely feminine skills and strengths to succeed on your terms by tapping into your feminine-based strengths—the distinguishing ‘powers’ of feminine leadership.



Discover how you can identify and overcome four negative career habits that block the way to success, prevent you from going beyond your job description, sap self-initiative and stop you from establishing effective partnerships with your boss and others. Throughout our years of training we have determined that there is a cause-and-effect link between producing external results and how people internally see themselves. Once the right set of positive attitudes and cooperative relationships are in place, you will experience something remarkable: the disappearance of much of your struggle for success and the appearance, instead, of unlimited possibilities.


ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER: The Role of Risk for Woman

Whether through ‘nature’ or ‘nurture,’ women are reluctant risk-takers. To be successful in any facet of life—particularly in business—women need to understand who they are, who they want to be, what they want to achieve and how they want to do it. Women learn how to apply both rational and intuitive skill sets to become comfortable and adept at making decisions in high-risk situations—an area that is not their natural comfort zone.


NETWORKING: Why Women Think It Is Cheating

Men have known how to use networking to their advantage for centuries. It is an essential skill set for women to employ if they’re interested in expanding their career possibilities and speeding their career advancement. Yet most women shy away from premeditated networking because they see it as ‘cheating.’ Women will discover how to harness their feminine nurturing instincts—’What can I do for you?’—to establish powerful, positive business relationships.


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