Women’s Rules of Engagement

An online program specifically designed for women to propel your career forward, garner influence, boost your recognition in the organization, and achieve greater financial success.

YES, you’ve read that right.

Congratulations. I’m excited that you’re a female executive interested in learning more about Women’s Rules of Engagement Master Online Program and, more notably, upping the ante on your career prospects.

I’d love to stay on this congratulatory high; however, that would be doing you a disservice. You’re far more interested in understanding why you should invest in this program and I don’t blame you. After all, time and money are a significant consideration.

So, let’s focus on why answering “Yes!” to Women’s Rules of Engagement will be the right answer for you.

  • One of the reasons I’m so confident is because of the breakthrough philosophies for Women’s Rules of Engagement online master program draws upon my over thirty-year coaching/consulting/developmental background with both men and women.

Business research, scientific brain-based studies along with focus groups all of which led to Dancing on the Glass Ceiling (Published by McGraw-Hill) and the gender-specific professional programs I lead. I am considered a pioneer in the field of gender-diverse leadership issues.

And I’m here to tell you most women executives have not discovered the success secrets for thriving in companies today rather they’ve learned to work harder and longer–not a sound equation for either a satisfying life nor a career you love.

Haven’t you already discovered that you need to take control of your career development because no one is as vested in your success as you are? Haven’t you realized your voice and desires are a critical component to bring about the career of your dreams?

And companies know they haven’t been successful doing this for their executives as much as they try:

  • Mercer Global Trend Report found 85% of organizations report that their talent management programs and policies need an overhaul.
  • Pew Research Center reports only 39% of the global sampling agreed their leaders were effectively preparing the next generation of leadership.
  • Report on Senior Executive Succession Planning and Talent Development has demonstrated the failure rate for external hires have decreased while the failure rate of internal transfers has crept up by almost 30%.

These statistics are a mere sampling. I haven’t read any research in recent years where companies feel confident they are developing their executives to meet the needs of the organization in the future let alone design opportunities that tap into deepest desires of all you hope your career will be. The only person who can create your dream possibilities is you!

Only executives committed to improving their prospects will receive 100 percent value out of this program. Is that you? Are the statistics resonating with you? Do the research results have you thinking it’s time to take control of your career development? Are you ready to make the changes that will have you directing the course of your career and becoming the difference-maker at your organization? Are you willing to shift outside your comfort zone to gain momentum to boost your career trajectory, but you don’t know how?

If you answer “Yes,” please continue reading; however, if you answer “No,” thank you for investigating the program, but it isn’t for you so don’t read any further.

For those of you who are tired of living in a status quo work environment, Women’s Rules of Engagement Master Online Program was designed specifically for you. It offers a series of online master classes that you can work through at your own pace. Each Strategic Module will take you to the next level of your career whether it is to have more influence in your organization or get promoted or have a balanced life. A 4-R’s Continuous Learning Worksheet after each module will aid you in digging in deeper to your “Aha’s” and carry them into your daily action. Once you’ve completed the program, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement for your human resource file or to hand to your boss attesting to the fact you are committed to investing in growing and developing your career.

If you’re ready to unlock the success factors for your career, the tipping point of change is here. Take advantage. When you invest in Women’s Rules of Engagement, you can anticipate:

  • Developing and leveraging relationship networks that will enhance your leadership results;
  • Acquiring the secrets to Timeshifting to put more time back on your calendar;
  • Inspiring staff to commit to higher levels of performance where they work for you and the organization through daily choice;
  • Designing a roadmap for your career success that is personally and professionally satisfying rather than one exclusively based on your company’s requirements;
  • Expanding your corporate visibility, influence, and recognition to advance your career with integrity;
  • Developing an Explorer Looking for Gold attitude congruent with innovative thought processes;
  • Recognizing and then taking advantage of organizational growth opportunities you’ve never noticed before;
  • Generating communication that leads to action for improved bottom-line results;
  • Learning the skills of self-promotion in a manner that works for you;
  • Gaining insights to define your Golden Touch a surprising aspect for organizational success;
  • Discovering what is possible for your career, your company, and your employees as you become a powerful leader no matter what position you hold;
  • Identifying, harnessing and employing your natural feminine strengths in the workplace with confidence and without being harmed by what others think or say about you;
  • Staying grounded in times of chaos so that you instinctively nurture and develop others and become a natural leader among your peers;
  • Building a career foundation that has you working and growing your future from your passions, not simply your expertise alone; and
  • Learn to become a “high potential” employee while living a balanced work life.

Does it sound as though I’m overselling Women’s Rules of Engagement? I have such confidence in this program if after the first month you’re not completely thrilled, I will give you a full refund of your investment, and we go our separate ways—no questions asked. So, it is no risk to you.

How can I make this offer? I’ve worked with 1,000’s of female executives in the last 30 plus years who have looked to me to help them propel their career advancement through either my leadership for women programs or our one-on-one strategic coaching relationship. I know what works and what doesn’t.

It’s time to make a difference, and only you can make the decision.


Your Continuous Growth is essential to your success, so I’m committed to offering personal assistance throughout the program:

  • Weekly One-Hour Zoom Open Forum Call where you can pop in for the entire hour or as your schedule permits to ask questions or join the discussion with other professional women;
  • 2-half-hour Strategic Coaching Calls with Nancy Fredericks (Her Coaching rate is $500 an hour);
  • 4 Months of Unlimited Email Support from the Point of Purchase where you can ask any questions or request advice on any business challenge facing you;
  • Upon enrollment you will receive a link to my online calendar to schedule a 10-minute coaching call;
  • Relevant video and audio tips are sent after completion of the program to extend the learning.

Once you ENROLL for Women’s Rules of Engagement Online Professional Development Program, you will also receive these Special Bonuses for FREE:


The Psychology of Influence, Your Blueprint for a Powerful Career

  • Designed to assist you collapse the gap between where you are today and where you intend to be tomorrow;
  • Using the power of influence in the workplace and at home; and
  • Five key psychological triggers to empower your colleagues and build a happier workplace for you and those around you.


How to Expand Your Network, Gain More Supporters and Build Your Corporate Tribe

  • This bonus includes the winner’s mindset to building a loyal tribe of corporate fans and followers at all levels of the organization; and
  • Strategies to launching your brand in the workplace without doing any self-promotion

The entire Program is valued at $7,000.

However, you can enroll today at $1,197:

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Just a few women speaking out (Ask if you’re interested in seeing additional endorsements):

“The biggest of the self-discoveries was realizing for the first time how much influence I have, how to effectively leverage that influence and how doing so created opportunities for me and also for my company. I have finally hit my stride at work and feel engaged at a whole new level. I highly recommend you hire Nancy if you’re looking to create massive change in your organization.”

Head of Corporate Strategy and Support, Financial Industry

“My company just announced a massive layoff. I told Nancy that I thought I was safe, but I wouldn’t know for several weeks what they have planned for me. It looks like more status quo in my future with little career growth or stretch. “Is there any areas that would be growth for you, add value to your company and that would interest you?” Nancy asked. By the end of the call, I had designed a plan of action that has me excited. I never realized how much influence I have and how much my company needs me to be engaged in all aspects of change—even ideas for my future!”

Assistant Vice President, Insurance

“For the second time in a year, my company is being acquired. With Nancy’s support, training and wisdom, I now look forward to going into work and feel engaged at a whole new level. I am able to navigate the changing business environment while focusing on my continued career development, because of Nancy’s coaching. Implement Nancy’s advice and it will transform your life and your business.”

-Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

*** Plus I Offer a 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE ***

Once you enroll in Women’s Rules of Engagement; if after the first month you’re not completely thrilled, I will give you a full refund of your investment and we go our separate ways—no questions asked. So, it is no risk to you.

If you want to speak with me directly, call 970-384-2265
or send an email to

Congratulations! As you make this investment decision, you’ve taken the first step to becoming your own career activist. You’ve said “!!Yes!!” to your future. Not only do I instantly become a strategic partner committed to your career future, but soon a variety of unforeseen assistance will begin lending you a hand. You’ll start noticing an abundance of opportunities coming into play that will ultimately lead to realizing your career aspirations. Life works this way… And it always starts with you.

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