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Drawing on her extensive background consulting with Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial organizations, and everything in-between, Nancy Fredericks offers powerful and provocative development programs for companies and their executives that produce measurable results. She taps into a variety of technology–Video Conferencing, YouTube Videos, and Podcasts–to meet the development needs of her clients…as well as face-to-face meetings!

Our Training Philosophy

All NFI programs are based on these three guiding principles:

  • OWN YOUR CAREER: Our passion is to help executives acknowledge themselves as a key element in the success of their organization.
  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING: The best, most effective sessions involve a great deal of give and take, not just taking notes. These dynamic, unscripted interactions lead to real breakthroughs, lasting insights and attitude transformations. Ultimately, this work catapults executives to bigger results and better working relationships with considerably less effort.
  • SUSTAINABLE RESULTS: In our experience, new levels of success are built upon the acceptance and practice of new behaviors. This is only made possible through persistence, support and commitment. That’s why our training includes post-session coaching to help executives fully understand and integrate the changes that need to be made.

All of our widely ranging developmental courses are custom-designed to meet the needs of your organization. While one (or more) of these may be perfect for your organization, we believe that utilizing our proprietary “needs assessment” approach enhances participant buy-in and creates bigger results with less effort.



Nancy Fredericks is considered a pioneer in the field of gender, who companies have relied on for years.

You can’t get around it, the face of corporate America has changed dramatically. Now, more than ever before, producing superior results is dependent upon your executive’s abilities to interact with others including the opposite sex. Executives can no longer rely simply on the old, previously effective, corporate leadership techniques.

You’re right. While technical and professional expertise is not affected by gender, scientific research as well as subjective observation tells us that men and women innately interpret and respond differently to business situations. In fact, gender specific leadership training is crucial in today’s hyper-competitive corporate environment.

NFI’s proprietary developmental programs tackle unconscious individual and corporate gender breakdowns that are often barriers to producing successful results. Although the concepts in these programs are based on breakthrough thinking and research, the ideas are introduced in a practical, relevant and accessible method that allows participants to capitalize on the information immediately.

An executive, who isn’t equipped to engage, harness and motivate a diverse staff, will hinder his or her career and negatively impact the organization. That’s why it is so imperative that both sexes gain an in-depth appreciation of the natural assets and brain responses of the opposite sex. NFI’s gender directed leadership programs are intended to produce a balanced work environment that brings out the best in men and women.

Leadership for Men Only:

Men have successfully led corporate America to profitability for years. Always adapting to and overcoming impossible situations. Now, they’re facing a new challenge. Male executives find themselves regularly interacting with clients, senior executives, peers as well as staff who are women. A whole new set of skills is required to effectively manage and channel the full scope of feminine competencies. Male participants will learn the necessary skills, attitudes and behaviors to continue excelling in today’s dynamic, highly diverse marketplace. Learn More

Leadership for Women Only:

The feminine leadership style brings value and profits to organizations globally. Women simply need to leverage these attributes aptly while functioning effectively in a still predominantly male hierarchical work environment. Female participants will become powerful contributors in their organization as they identify their unique feminine-based strengths, learn how to employ them successfully within today’s corporate environment and appreciate the worth they hold for their career, and their company. Learn More

Program Details:

These programs are led by a master business coach and corporate consultant experienced in generating powerful in-the-moment group interchanges. These conversations introduce the kind of challenging dialogue men and women may not feel safe having within the mixed gender setting of their office. By bringing hidden concerns to light, they can be transformed into positive, directed action. This process allows all highly-paid executives to realize their full potential and in turn increase the success of the organization. Although a key component of both professional programs is the discussion on gender differences, it is not the exclusive focus of NFI’s programs—not by a long shot! The principal focus is on assisting executives fully engage their potential to become stronger leaders.

Executives will expand their inner leader as they discover what is possible for their company, their career and their staff:

  • Learn the secrets to effectively producing results through others.
  • Recognize opportunities where once only problems existed.
  • Gain strategies for creating a resilient, innovative workforce.
  • Learn to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.
  • Adopt attitudes and actions that become the driving force behind successful outcomes.
  • Identify and leverage the key indicators necessary for career success and corporate profitability.
  • Produce unprecedented results with less time and less effort.

Our professional programs include: pre-course homework, a full-day workshop and a series of follow up individual and group teleconference calls. This structure accelerates the transformation of each participant. The teleconference calls are designed to enhance learning by steadily introducing cutting-edge information that challenges new thought processes on vitally important leadership topics.

The groundbreaking philosophies introduced in these exclusive programs draws upon Nancy Fredericks’ twenty plus years of executive coaching and corporate consulting experience. Nancy is a thought-leader in the area of management and gender specific issues in the workplace. Her extensive business experience and research led to the book she co-authored, Dancing on the Glass Ceiling (Published by McGraw-Hill). If you wish to discuss scheduling gender professional courses or simply require more information, contact NFI today at

Women’s Rules of Engagement Online Master Class:

This online program is specifically designed for women to propel your career forward, garner influence, boost your recognition in the organization, and achieve greater financial success. YES, you’ve read that right. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, Click Here


Building Collaborative Relationships—as opposed to competitive ones—is a powerful ability that sets successful leaders apart. A true leader understands that an impressive bottom line emerges from a mosaic of people with talents, values, strengths and experiences. The key to becoming a legendary producer in any organization is to become a powerful people connector. Someone who can take those different people with different and sometimes conflicting abilities and inspire them to work together as a team to produce sustainable results. Because whether the executive is responsible for producing a product or providing a service, relationship is ultimately at the root of the transaction.


Leaders naturally demonstrate a heart and mind balance within themselves. This balance benefits their associates and their organization as a whole because they’ve mastered the tension between two business domains: people and process/systems. These leaders clearly understand the essential harmony between managing relationships effectively and managing the bottom-line for results.

The program sets an executive on a course to successfully master this continuum of leadership. Sadly, many executives rely predominately on one facet of the leadership equation to the detriment of their organizations. To understand how to achieve results in these divergent domains requires that a leader be facile and comfortable with fully utilizing opposing skill sets such as:

  • Thinking rationally as well as innovatively,
  • Being the boss as well as motivating associates,
  • Commanding as well as being a team player,
  • Focusing on day-to-day results as well as long-range strategy.

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