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There’s no question that the challenges facing businesses today are fiercer than ever before. Working with businesses of every size and variety, NFI guides companies to achieve improved business results by identifying roadblocks and coming up with strategic solutions to overcome them. We work with your executives and the processes within your company to resolve problems, develop specialized projects and assist during transitions. Lean, bottom-line organizations work with NFI to achieve results.


Organizations are challenged to compete at ever-higher levels to increase productivity, effectiveness and profitability. Our targeted Root Causal Needs Assessment Method is an uncomplicated method that identifies the challenges facing your organization today. Through the Root Causal Needs Assessment Method, we are committed to revealing:

  • Barriers: Our Root Causal Needs Assessment Method identifies cultural, process, and individual performance barriers that inhibit organizational productivity and effectiveness.
  • Breakthroughs: Our Root Causal Needs Assessment Method is designed to identify and then produce specific, concrete and unprecedented breakthrough results for your organization.
  • Actions: Our Root Causal Needs Assessment Method enables organizations and individuals to examine and understand what barriers inhibit committed action.

NFI’s Root Causal Needs Assessment Method is custom-designed based upon the individual requirement of each organization. Three distinct phases are involved:

  • Phase One: Create and develop a confidentially targeted questionnaire that is distributed to a specific division or to the entire organization.
  • Phase Two: Interview a random sampling of the surveyed population.
  • Phase Three: Review written questionnaires and interview materials to provide a written report that clearly identifies what is working, what isn’t working and suggested areas of improvement
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For any organization to achieve maximum levels of productivity and success, each and every individual in that company must take responsibility for their part in the process. By combining an understanding of the human barriers that keep people from achieving results with in-depth management techniques, NFI has worked with companies in developing strong leaders. NFI provides effective, one-on-one coaching to help executives better understand the challenges within their organization and how to find new ways to succeed. This unique service helps individuals fully master the gap between the results they are currently producing and the results they are capable of producing as a true leader in their organization.


NFI has broad experience in designing and facilitating special strategy-planning sessions, team-building workshops, corporate retreats and more. Using the input of top management, we create unique facilitation sessions that help a company’s players develop new insights and paths for working together more successfully. We combine our own experience with information from core management to generate an exciting process of self-examination and new awareness in a positive, supportive environment. These sessions are the foundation of taking a company to new levels of achievement.


NFI developmental courses are dynamic, custom-designed to meet the needs of your organization. The intent is to bring about real breakthroughs, lasting insights and attitude transformations. Participants and their organizations are catapulted to bigger results and better working relationships with considerably less effort. Included in every program are progressive coaching modules to accelerate learning.

NFI can assist your company achieve new levels of success. To find out more Contact Nancy