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A University of Phoenix survey reveals nearly 7 in 10 American workers has served on a dysfunctional team. Further, a massive amount of money, time, energy, and resources are spent yearly by organizations to fix the issues.

Is your company losing an average of $11,000 per employee annually due to ineffective communication and collaboration as so many others are?

If you’re looking to better collaborate with diverse team members, enhance teamwork; and introduce strategies for innovation, change, and engagement leading to success… then,

StrengthScope Team™ is the right vehicle to accomplish such improvements as research from past participants establishes:

  • 79 percent had expanded confidence in their strengths and how they could best contribute to the team;
  • 73 percent had enhanced their overall work performance and results.

It’s a proven fact that high performance is a natural outcome of employees and teams with a passion for what they do. StrengthScope Team™ shapes these attitudes by:

  • Diagnosing and improving team effectiveness;
  • Building trust through strength-focused communication;
  • Energizing performance and morale;
  • Helping teams achieve peak performance more rapidly;
  • Optimizing collective strengths while reducing risks and barriers;
  • Highlighting gaps in the process to attain sustainable results;
  • Diagnosing and reducing unhealthy conflict;
  • Encouraging an innovative, responsive, fully-engaged mindset;
  • And pinpointing new member’s strengths and how they fit with the whole as they onboard.

A StrengthScope Team™ is the most complete and innovative strengths development assessment instrument in the world. Based on the science of peak performance, this approach clears the way to cultivate an attitude that challenges, stretches and inspires individual and team results. This appraisal system examines 24 essential work-related strengths in four quadrants: Relational Strengths (Engaging Productive Relationships), Execution Strengths (Delivering Results), Thinking Strengths (High-Quality Analysis and Decision Making), and Emotional Strengths (Effective Management of Feelings).

At the completion of the process, you have a detailed overview identifying each member of your team’s current competencies as well as strategic opportunities for the future. This new level of awareness and knowledge lights-up not only your fire but your team’s producing stunning, unprecedented results.

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