According to IBM: From 2008 to 2012, the importance of business model innovation in outperformer (companies) increased by 19 percent; in contrast, underperformers reported a 13 percent decrease in business model innovation importance. And that trend continues. Additionally, IBM found that the ability to embody creative leadership as among the most important attributes! This is the culture we all work within. You just can’t get away from it!

Yet, this strategic initiative is taxing today’s workforce. And you better than anyone knows how taxing work is today! Today’s corporate workforce is squeezed smack dab in the middle of the battleground between more production and more innovation. No other generation has experienced work pressures of this magnitude.

Here’s what’s going on. My clients are telling me: “I’ve never worked so hard in my life.” “I can’t find the time to do anything more. I’m stretched to the limit just handling my job.” or “I’m puzzled. I think I’m strategic and innovative, but my boss doesn’t.” Can you relate?

As a Business Strategist/Thought Leader, I couldn’t allow this time sensitive workplace issue to go unaddressed any longer. I had to find answers for my clients, so I went to the drawing board searching for real solutions for this very real world quandary.

The result: I’ve developed powerful tips and specific action steps that will reduce an employee’s stress in the workplace while increasing his or her time to be the innovative leader your company needs—and you hope to be. I am excited to share these new innovative breakthrough strategies with your organization. And by the way, they’re amazingly practical, easy to implement and guaranteed to enhance an employee’s work life.

The Mindful Innovator is a one-day event, Wednesday, September 17, 2014, which includes a workbook and one strategic, individual coaching session. Here are just a few of the benefits your employees can expect:

  • Gain clarity and skillfulness in performing effectively in both the execution/production side of a position as well as seamlessly incorporating the pioneering/improvement aspects.
  • Master the concept of strategic timeshifting to become adept at organizing a work calendar that links ‘to do’ lists with both today and tomorrow activities.
  • Adopt new thought processes, behaviors and actions that are the driving force behind successful innovative endeavors.
  • Gain concepts to create opportunities for idea generation at every level of the organization.
  • Powerfully change the way executives view, handle and respond to career challenges to achieve better outcomes.

Professional Fee:

Investment is $895 for The Mindful Innovator, Wednesday, September 17 Event.

Pay in full or choose payments:

Two payments of $460 ($920) or three payments of $315 ($945) by credit card, just click Register Now…

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Or if you prefer to be invoiced for the event, just let me know. Or call me 970-384-2254 if you’d like to discuss this program with me personally Or email me at to set up a time to talk.

I look forward to seeing you at this breakthrough program, which will enhance the way you look at your career and the results you achieve. Please pass this information on to anyone you believe will benefit.

What executives who have attended The Mindful Innovator have said about the program:

As executives left the inaugural program, one said: Wow! This was good. Everyone in the organization should take this program.

A client recommended I attend Nancy Fredericks International’s inaugural program, The Mindful Innovator. Am I glad I did!  The Mindful Innovator is original, relevant, and practical.  I left the workshop with a lot of new ideas and a commitment to become more innovative in the new year.  I highly recommend this program to executives and high potentials who are committed to growing their career.  Pam Hedges, Hedges & Associates

I was excited after attending The Mindful Innovator program because I walked away with so many gems. I couldn’t wait to make it happen. The biggest new thought was how to help my manager see me as a high level executive. Then, I still had a one-on-one coaching session with Nancy where I could specifically address my concerns in-depth. Sharon Rittenhouse, Senior Manager

Also, if the schedule of this event doesn’t work with your calendar and you’re interested in the topic, I’ve written an eBook The Mindful Innovator, which is now available on Amazon. Simply click on the following link to purchase the book:

The Mindful Innovator at Amazon

The Mindful Innovator on KindleWritten for managers who feel stuck in their career and want to know what they have to do to be known as a high potential leader. This eBook divulges savvy career boosting secrets acquired by Business Strategist and Thought Leader Nancy Fredericks during her 25 years of consulting and coaching executives from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial organizations and everything in between. It offers powerful, game-changing action steps, breakthrough advice and tips that will reduce your stress in the workplace while increasing your time to be the innovative leader your company needs—and you want to be.

By the way, the concepts you will learn are not only powerful, but amazingly practical and, easy to implement.

Once again Nancy Fredericks offers a unique and insightful perspective on the capabilities of a successful leader.  The Mindful Innovator is a quick and easy read with a powerful message.  I would recommend this eBook for professionals that have plateaued in their career and are ready to make their next move. HR Manager

I loved your eBook!  The primary “both/and” message is dead on, and it almost felt like you wrote this book directly for me as I read it. The book explains what it means to be a “Mindful Innovator” in very succinct terms, follows with very pragmatic advice about how to make such a transformation, and then challenges the reader to act!  All this in 30 pages that I had time to read on an airplane. Great job!  This is high quality work.  IT Manager

I read the eBook and liked it very much!  I especially found value in the progressive nature of your writing – what the issue is, why it’s important, how to identify companies and employees that do and don’t have the both/and mindset.  I particularly found importance in the “case studies” and “next steps” you outlined (how to take this information, use it and act on it). Another note – I thought the worksheet at the end was very good. Forced me to act on what I just read, and now I can post it to review weekly. Thanks. Senior Director