You would not want to be responsible for someone else’s happiness,
so please do not hold someone else responsible for yours.

– Jennifer O’Neill

How would you feel about finding out that happiness is a production booster and thus, you’ll achieve more in less time? Fairly intriguing thought, isn’t it?

Well, it is true. And happiness draws a lot more to you than simply improved production, which I bet you’ll find just as interesting.

iOpener Institute has spent six years researching this very topic and all the evidence of their work reveals that “increased performance is driven by happy employees.”

Take in what they’ve additionally discovered about increasing happiness in the workplace. It reduces the cost of employee turnover by 46 percent; reduces the cost of sick leave by 19 percent and increases the performance and productivity by 12 percent. In fact, the happiest employees, compared with the less happy employees, spend 40 percent more time focused on tasks and feel energized 65% more of the time. By the way, happier employees spend double the time focused on what they are paid to do

iOpener Institute found that to “achieve your potential” people need the following 5C’s:

  • Contribution – involves the effort people make and their perception of it.
  • Conviction – means the short-term motivation everyone experiences.
  • Culture – indicates the sense of ‘fit’ employees have.
  • Commitment – is about long-term motivation and engagement.
  • Confidence – reflects the sense of belief people have in themselves and their job.

Unconsciously you may be blocking your happiness with the belief that you’re trapped in external circumstances outside your control and that these circumstances determines whether you’re happy or not rather than you. As you can see by the iOpener Institutes findings, this is an invalid perception. So, what 5C are you going to choose to take on that will have you happier—and more productive? It is in your hands after all.

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