At Facebook, we try to be a strength-based organization,
which means we try to make jobs fit around people
rather than make people fit around jobs.
We focus on what people’s natural strengths are
and spend our management time trying to find ways
to use their strengths every day.

– Sheryl Sandberg

Have you read the most recent research by Gallup, which reveals how you can be more satisfied in your career and more powerfully arrange your schedule?

What they discovered is that, when you work in your area of strength, your are six times more engaged, have higher performance ratings, improve your levels of performance, increase profitability, productivity, greater earnings per share for your businesses, are more successful, happier and healthier… and just plain enjoy going into work every day.

Even more significant is that Gallup shows that simply by learning what your strengths are you become 7.8% more productive. Isn’t that amazing?

Perhaps you don’t think you know your strengths. Well, take a deep breath and access your memory banks…. Think back to the last time you were working on a project where it felt as though three minutes ticked by; and yet, when you glanced up, the clock revealed that hours had passed. And then, when you reviewed your work product, you were absolutely amazed by how much you’d accomplished. This is you working and spending time in the areas of your strength.

The more you’re able to employ your natural and developed strengths throughout the day the better you’ll feel, the more satisfied, the more productive and the larger impact you will have.

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