I began to realize that an intuitive understanding and consciousness
was more significant than abstract thinking and intellectual
logical analysis….. Intuition is a very powerful thing,
more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.
That’s had a big impact on my work.

– Steve Jobs

What decision-making style do you believe you use predominately; the rational, systematic, careful, analytical or the more intuitive, knowing without clear evidence approach?

Many executives deem that the only approach respected in business is the linear approach and yet, that isn’t accurate. In today’s environment, where business cycles are getting faster and faster, the use of intuition is being accessed even more than in the past. Intuition can and clearly does have a place in the decision process.

There is evidence that intuition is positive as it relates to organizational performance in an unstable environment, but negative as related in a stable environment. I bet when you look around your work you’d rate your organization as unstable with all of the changes going on today so I hope you’re relying on your intuition to speed up your decision process. Look at what some research says about intuition:

  • 80% of company executives whose corporate profits more than doubled in the past five years had above average precognitive powers.
  • Of 2000 managers tested, those at the higher levels consistently scored higher in intuition. When the data was conflicting or incomplete, they relied on intuitive approaches to come to a conclusion.
  • 45% of corporate executives rely more on instinct than on facts and figures in running their business, according to executive search firm Christian & Timbers. Pretty interesting stuff isn’t it?

As your day becomes more complex and the need to make decisions are hitting you right and left, start tapping into your intuition. This thought style—if developed—will be an important factor to your business development as it aids you in becoming more productive.

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