It had long since come to my attention that
people of accomplishment rarely sat back
and let things happen to them.
They went out and happened to things.

Leonardo da Vinci

Do you often wish that your day went a bit smoother; that you were able to get more done every day; that you had more control of your day… and well, a bunch of wishes that have a lot to do with having a smoother running day for yourself?

I know how tough it is in today’s challenging office environment to keep on top of the work expected of you. Take a moment to examine your day from the prospective of improving a process in your organization—it’s just that you’ll be looking at your own activities. Here are a few ideas to start with:

  • Build Internal Accountability Muscle: If you’re great at completing tasks that others have given you deadlines on, but not so great at completing work you know you need to do, it’s time to rethink. This frame of mind is going to leave you overstressed because you know everything on your plate; and if you’re not doing what you promised, you won’t feel good about yourself. This is the first attitude you need to take on because without it, you’ll not be able to incorporate any of the other suggestions.
  • Ask for More Authority: According to a study by The Boston Consulting Group, the number of procedures, vertical layers, infrastructures and decision approvals required has increased by anywhere from 50 percent to 350 percent. This factor alone is causing you precious time diverting attention from other important projects. Think about how much time you’ll be gifting back to yourself, when you receive a yes!
  • Identify the 20%: Have you ever heard of Vilfredo Pareto? He was an Italian engineer, sociologist, economist, political scientist and philosopher of the 18th Century. A high achiever indeed! He is known for establishing the 20/80 rule named The Pareto Principle, which says that 20 percent of your efforts produce 80 percent of your results. You’ll find the more time you spend on the activities producing the largest results the more efficient you will become. The other side of The Pareto Principle is that most unfortunately spend 80% of their time only producing 20% of their results. Begin by analyzing your work, recognize your 20 percent work and then, plan your day to focus more time on big leverage activities—your 20% work!
  • Determine your “Likeable” Activities: Yes, think about what tasks you enjoy doing! As an element of scheduling your day, you will find that you’ll produce work faster if you follow activities you don’t particular like doing with projects that you really enjoy. In a study, the difference was almost 50%! That finding is significant enough to develop new, improved routine process habits.

Did you know research from The Energy Audit reveals that 58% of workers say there are significant gaps between what they say is important in their life and how they actually live. Please don’t let this be you or you’ll miss the gift of more time, less stress, a sense of achievement as well as all of the kudos for a job well done at the end of the day.

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