When forced to choose, I will not trade even a night’s sleep
for the chance of extra profits.

– Warren Buffet

Good morning, how did you sleep last night? You’re probably wondering why I’m asking such a personal question especially since I’m supposed to be sending you gifts for saving time. And yet, the question is pertinent because the amount of sleep you get is a time management tool—a valuable one at that!

The number of hours and the quality of your sleep really is foundational to peak performance. You see lack of sleep has a negative influence on your daily work contribution, efficiency, time utilization and execution of your workload. It covertly undermines you in so many more ways than you can ever imagine.

Studies show an inadequate sleep pattern plays a critical role for sustaining job performance. When you don’t sleep enough, it impairs judgment; has you making poor decisions; limits your cognitive performance as it impacts your ability to reason and solve problems effectively; you’ll find it hard to react powerfully in difficult situations; it causes forgetfulness, harms learning, brings down your alertness and limits your attention span making it difficult to take in information; it hinders memory—not to mention that it is the root cause for a great number of health problems. Whew! Doesn’t that have you thinking about your sleep in a whole new way?

And then, when you look at a recent study that reveals 59% reported they didn’t regularly get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and/or often wake up feeling tired, it becomes a little scary. In fact, most Americans sleep on average two and half hours a night less than is ideal which leaves many sleep deprived.

I hope these statistics don’t represent you because if they do, you’re losing time all over the place. To assure yourself that you are functioning at your highest, most energetic and productive self, place more value on sleeping and get a good night’s sleep.

Happy dreams!

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