In today’s turbulent world, the good news is businesses are booming. The bad news is this often means you get squeezed out of your own life by the expectations of your company and the decisions you make in response.

At 120 years old, as you’re rocking on your front porch, rarely are you basking over your career accomplishments. Rather it is thoughts of family and loving, fun times and what your life stood for and those you help along the way that puts a well-satisfied smile on your face.

Take the reins of your life by employing these 5 commitments because circumstances don’t determine the quality of your life the pathways taken do.

1. A Destination View For The Extraordinary: We often spend hours envisioning our desired career outcomes, and then, never do the same for the rest of our life. That’s backward! The rest of your life sources everything. Start waking up picturing in vivid detail your day, the emotional impact you choose to have, and the results you long to create. Don’t consider yourself alone—include a far wider array of people and concerns. Too much self-focus is often a deterrent to the very life you seek. Regularly open your mind’s eye to envision taking the desired action steps to reach your destination. That’s you living in the reality of your intended life every moment which adds meaning each single step of the way.

2. Context Is the Pathway To The Extraordinary: Rarely is there a discussion about the kind of goals we should be setting for ourselves. Most automatically establish “label goals” which is nothing more than an icing-on-the-cake description of the experience you actually want. “Context goals” has you designing your life based on the qualities and the experiences you desire. With “context,” you are still naming the end game you are looking to attain, and then, you also go on to describe why you aspire to reach it, what it will feel like when you do, and how you hope those around you interact with you. Never be satisfied with “labels” instead dig into your desires to design “context” which is far deeper, more fulfilling, and so much more rewarding.

3. Dialogue For Realizing The Extraordinary: Pause to reflect. Often you’re so focused on the gap between who you are today and who you intend to be tomorrow you fail to be present to the glorious creature you are. No matter your stage of life, you have realized much more than you credit. Breathe in your achievements. Pause to consider the challenges you’ve faced and then, overcame. Revel in the victories. Celebrate where you are right now! What did you discover about yourself? Record it so, when you feel discouraged, you can reconnect with your greatness. And don’t forget to continue this dialogue for realizing the extraordinary throughout your life!

4. Get Up And Get Going An Extraordinary Driver: Everyone runs into pitfalls—some large, some small—yet it isn’t the size of the drop that determines success it is how you choose to respond. Research reveals your self-talk influences how much perseverance you can muster. You see humans by design tend to become what we focus on—what occupies our mind—and you control that. This self-predictive view of the world becomes your reality—whether helpful or harmful. No matter how challenging the difficulty, begin mentally exclaiming: “Oh, I didn’t know this is what it would look like on the way to the rest of my life and then get up and get going. Remember, you are always on the way to (no matter what is occurring now) your focus decides whether what you realize is satisfying or disappointing!

5. Gratitude An Extraordinary Dynamic: I know this is on everyone’s short list because it works! We’re a society focused on improvement—and although that is an important attribute—it often leaves us unsatisfied and wanting. In fact, an attitude of gratitude is the upshot of choosing to have a positive “what’s working alert system.” Research reveals you’ll experience profound results through gratitude: increased self-esteem, expanded optimism, reduced stress, improved mental health, greater happiness, better night’s sleep, a flourishing marriage to name a few. Whew! What’s not to love?

If you allow business to suck dry your personal life, it is unlikely you are developing a sound foundation for a rewarding, happy, fulfilling life let alone create a flourishing career. Residing in such an unequal equation is almost guaranteed to shrivel your joy genes to such an extent you’ll never achieve satisfaction—let alone experience a life that is a delight to live. Start consciously incorporating these 5 Mental Commitments. After all, you get to choose to be extraordinary!

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