The core problem with working longer hours is that
time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story.

Tony Schwartz

The reality is that it’s not the number of hours you work that determines the value you create rather it is the energy you are able to bring to whatever hours you work. How is your energy level? Are you experiencing any of the success roadblocks and solutions revealed in The Energy Project’s 2013 study:

  • 70% don’t have regular time for creative or strategic thinking.
  • 66% don’t have the time to focus on one thing at a time.
  • 48% don’t have the time for learning and growth.
  • 47% don’t have the time to do their best.
  • 46% don’t have time to prioritize their tasks.

How can you combat experiencing your daily work life like this? It may seem counterintuitive… start by taking breaks every 90 minutes, because they will produce:

  • 30% higher level of focus;
  • 50% greater capacity to think creativity;
  • 46% higher level of health.

And please remember that the more hours you work beyond 40 hours the less productive you are and the longer it will take you to complete your “to do” list.

The truth is by making sure you gift yourself with time for intermittent renewal, you’ll fuel higher levels of productivity, which in turn will have you experiencing more time in your schedule.


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