Innovation has changed the face of our reality by offering an array of groundbreaking products and services unimaginable a few short years ago.

Just for a moment, let’s jump into a time capsule for a speedy journey into our past. Close your eyes. Pretend you’ve just graduated from grade school. Yes, grade school!

Feast your imaginary eyes on your “yesteryear” surroundings: your school, home, the stores you frequented, and the cars driving down the street.

Now zoom back into the present time.

Think about the technology you use as part of your daily life that wasn’t available when you were a youngster. It’s all due to companies and their people who were visionaries and whose attention focused on innovation.

Without our corporate predecessors’ resolve and their people to promote innovation, our today, which we so take for granted, wouldn’t exist. 

Why are Visioneers the secret underpinning of leadership? If you think about it, evidence of this quality is in those leaders you admire who are successfully navigating today’s troubled waters. They all exhibit visioneering aspects in their work as they intentionally expand excellence through integrating a both/and mindset in their business transactions.

Leaders extend their capabilities to meet the challenges facing all aspects of the business by exercising both the Tactical/Bottom-Line Results for Today and the Pioneering/Renewal Results for Tomorrow.

They are adept at aligning the essential yet often conflicting demands of the business—shareholders who want both short-term profits and long-term growth, a workforce that requires both authority and relationship, customers who want both stability and innovation.

These visioneers have become accomplished at flexing their approach while remaining true to their internal compass. They’re the valued and respected high potential executives who transform the future of corporations. And when CEOs are asked, “What is the skill you most value in your people?” They said creativity, the ability to solve problems, come up with new solutions, and use brainpower to figure things out.[1]

Why isn’t it easy to work with a both/and frame of reference?  Yet, it is essential for a healthy organization that their executives demonstrate fluidity with a World Economic Forum uncovering about 60 percent of CEOs polled cited creativity as the most important leadership quality. And LinkedIn Learning sharing that creativity is the single most important skill in the world. 

This facet of thinking entails stretching your comfort zone to meet the full scope of your job responsibilities. It dictates learning new skills to meet both the challenges facing the organization today and into the future.

Incorporating such a frame of reference into your professional arsenal is central to reaping both your “today” and “tomorrow” career dividends. 

Why am I encouraging you to become an innovative Visioneer? Not only is creativity essential in today’s marketplace for everyone to demonstrate—no matter your position—it is also desirable for your career. You see, an innovative, creative viewpoint constitutes an essential component of true leadership thinking.

The World Economic Forum attests creativity relates to 9 of the top 10 skills that global executives say is essential for 2020 and beyond.

So, spending time in this mindset has you practicing leadership well before your position requires you to exhibit it. It isn’t easy, and yet, if you don’t embrace this approach, you won’t be the executive your business keenly requires. Nor will you be producing the career potential you’ve always pictured.

Your career progression relies on improving this single ability to achieve your career aspirations. Are you prepared to consider breaking through any barrier to living up to your leadership potential? Start by exploring and expanding this right-brain activity especially if you’re one of the 75 percent who thinks they are not living up to their creative potential.[2]

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[2] IBID

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