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Mindful Business Tips – Podcasts with Nancy Fredericks

Innovation in Business – A Conversation
Kaihan Krippendorff, author of OutThink the Competition, and Nancy Fredericks, author of The Mindful Innovator, dialog about innovation in business. This is a fascinating and informative discussion between two original thinkers who are deeply committed…
Perceptions and Assumptions, Transforming Them Into Powerful Forces for Success
Perceptions and Assumptions often harm careers without our ever knowing. Gain savvy tips to make a difference in how you’re seen and how you experience your career.
Not Enough Discretionary Time – Tips on Finding Some in Your Busy Day
Everyone in today’s marketplace is begging for more discretionary time. Tips and challenges are offered that will give you back time to use the way you choose.
Transforming Your Mindset to Move Up the Corporate Ladder – Part 2
Today’s Podcast continues the transformative conversation essential to shift your mind from low-to-mid-level thinking to seeing your job through the eyes of a leader. If you want more out of your career, you have to take on new thinking practices.
Transform Your Mindset to Move Up the Corporate Ladder – Part 1
Today’s Podcast clears up all the miss perceptions that get in the way of executives achieving all they have longed for in their career. Learn to see your career through the eyes of a leader.
Overcoming Fear the Roadblock to Success
I don’t know an executive alive that doesn’t experience fear even though they might not realize that it is at the root of symptoms they’re experience. Learn the latest tips to overcome the roadblocks to your career progression.
Office Gossip Can Derail Your Career – Savvy Tips to Make Sure It Doesn’t
Office gossip is harmful for your company, but more importantly to your career. Being seen participating in work gossip will reduce your professional power, demonstrate a lock of self-control to your leaders…
Office Politics Not Something You Can Ignore–Tips for You
If office politics is a dirty word in your dictionary…. think again. Learn why. You’ll pick up easy tips that you can start implementing immediately in integrity.
Groundbreaking Insights for Effective Change
The latest research on change will open your eyes to why change is so critical to your future career success. You’ll comes to understand the two competing forces of change: Structural Stability and Purposeful Change and why you need to be comfortable…
Storytelling the Secret Weapon of Successful Executives
Storytelling has been the method of transferring learning as far bask as the cavemen’s era. They are far more effective then PowerPoint presentations or statistics and figures at activating change in an audience.
Business Secrets Revealed for Both Men and Women
The “Economist Magazine” has called female economic empowerment the most profound change of our times. – Men: Unless you know how to make your way in this new landscape the most senior corporate positions will not be in your future.
How Do You Effectively Manage Offsite Employees
Offsite employees is a growing population that managers are facing when studies show that 40% of our work population could be working from home at least part of the time. Whether you are currently managing remote workers believe me you soon will be.
Creativity, The Cornerstone for Innovation
Increased creativity accounts for an additional 14% annual growth to our economy over the last six years. So creativity is an important quality for everyone to bring to their careers. 7 effortless tips to implement are discussed that will have you util…
Is Meditation the Elixir for Work
This is not a ‘woo-wooie’ topic rather an incredibly relevant topic for business today. Research reveals the effectiveness of meditation in today’s fast paced, chaotic environment. Learn how to incorporate it in your daily life.
Tips for Managing Time Effectively
Everyone is overworked and over-stressed in today’s work environment. Since how we use time determines who we are and the quality of our lives, Nancy Fredericks shares 5 counter-intuitive tips that you’ll be able to implement immediately.
Stop Giving Your Career Away
The truth is that much of the time we’re the barrier to our own success. Tips are shared that will have you digging deeper into your behavior and attitude you’ll discover how to tap into your power to change the trajectory of your career.
Thinking Like a Leader No Matter What Position You Hold
If you are or want to be a leader in the future, this is the Podcast for you. It offers 7 tips that you can start demonstrating a leadership mindset no matter what position you currently hold in your organization.
Lessons from the Margin
So many of the transformational ‘Ah’s’ that have positively impacted my life and career have come from small, nuanced thoughts that have radically shifted the way I view the world. I’m sharing three of these with you on the Podcast today that I know wi…
Customer Service, It’s Always Part of the Job – How To Do It Better
Customer service is the lifeblood of every business. Whether it is part of our official job description or not, all of us provide products and/or services for someone whether an external customer or an internal corporate customer.
Success Secrets for Offsite Employees
There’s never been a better time for offsite employees though clearly there are challenges. Gain the secrets to make sure your onsite boss and team members see you as a powerful, high-valued offsite team member.
The Reality of Today’s Business Landscape
A Business Strategist/Thought Leader share no nonsense insights into today’s business environment that will shift how you relate to and manage your career prospects. With this knowledge you’ll gain a jump on the competition.
8 Savvy Tips for Leadership Success
These 8 simple to implement tips will help you succeed whether you’re just about to move into a leadership role, or you’re interested in demonstrating leadership skills in preparation to achieving your career aspirations of one day being the leader.
Blind Spots – Are You Seeing Reality?
We all have Blind Spots that harm how we relate to our careers and our lives. This Podcast helps you understand four Blind Spots that may harm your progress so that you live a my powerful life.
Goals, The Steppingstones for Your Future
True happiness and career success involves the pursuit of worthy goals. Six Steppingstones are offered that will aid in propelling you to your future.
The Power of a Vision
Good managers account for positive  employee engagement. Poor managers are the primary reason for employees leaving companies. Today’s Podcast reveals four responsibilities good managers display consistently.
The Power of a Vision
The Power of a Vision will lead you to being a more engaged employee and achieve higher performance levels with less effort. These six thought processes will provide you with energy and direction for your career.
Negotiation – You Can Always Improve Your Skill
Research reveals there is a significant link between executives who demonstrate strong Negotiation abilities with their perceived effectiveness as a leader and suitability for promotion. Five subtle secrets that will have you being seen and acting as…
Your New Job – Those Exciting First Days
Those first days are on a new job are exciting, yet not without pressures. Six subtle yet powerful tips will have you making this transition effortlessly and successful.
The Magic of Delegation
Statistics show us how important delegation is: 78% of the workforce in major corporations say their bosses are doing work that they could do more effectively; and then 80% of manager say they need help to achieve successful delegation. Wow!
The Power of Branding Yourself
Branding Yourself is not simply posting a “selfie” and then exclaiming: “Ta Da!” It is what you stand for both by words and deeds over the long haul of a successful career. Five actions steps will be revealed to set you on the pathway of creating you…
Interview with Ken Foster
A fascinating interview with Ken Foster, who is one of the country’s leading edge thinkers in the science of business and consciousness, as he shares “The Secrets to Expanding Your Career Success, How to Maximize Your Career From the Inside-Out.
Stress – The Critical Balancing Act of Work and Life
 3/4 of today’s workforce believes they’re experiencing more on the job stress than their parents experienced a generation ago…Is this true for you? If it is, this podcast offers six practical…
Interview with James Swanwick
A powerful Interview with James Swanwick. who is an anchor of ESPN SportsCenter and Author. He’s sharing savvy secrets that will help you overcome obstacles in your career and take you to the next career level.
Are You a Value-Added Employee?
Nine practical yet simple and subtle action steps you can take on that will have you becoming the Added-Value Employee you always hoped to be. These strategies have been the foundation for other executives’ success.
Mentoring Others
Mentoring is good for your employees and it’s good for you. Learn the secrets to being a successful mentor and gain the benefits!  Stronger more knowledgeable workforce, more motivated staff who are likely to stay.
Optimism – The Attitude of Leaders
Optimism is a key component to leading people and organizations. Science reveals that positive, optimistic people excel in school, are healthier, make more money, are better liked, are more creative, handle stress better…
Listening – 40% of Your Salary
Yes, it’s true 40% of an executive’s daily activities are directly attributed to listening. – Yet, research reveals that 50 to 75% of what we hear is never heard and thus, never processed. That’s a lot of lost information. Effective listeners…
Meetings, the bane of your existence
Meetings, Can’t Do Without Them, Hard to Find Value in Them. With 11 million business meetings taking place each and every day–developing effective meeting skills are essential for success today. Asking yourself six questions will immediately improve…
Your Decision Making Gap – Plus or Minus to Your Career
5 Decision Tips for Your Business Success Though decision-making is rarely identified as a critical leadership characteristic it is. CEO’s reach their lofty position, in large part, because they’ve make good corporate and career judgments along the way.
The Role Intuition Plays in Business
Today’s podcast is on secrets to prosper in corporate America while incorporating intuition into your business transactions. – Learn to tap into the power of intuition in business.
Timeshifting Expanding Your Abilities for Getting More Done in Less Time
The time wasting—Procrastination—runs rampant in the lives of executives in corporate America. Procrastination is a career killer. No executive will ever fulfill his or her dreams or aspirations as a procrastinator. – In this week’s podcast…
The Seven Magnificent Secrets for Getting What You Want, Part Two
The second in a two Podcast series will kick-start your career as it offers powerful insights into goal setting that actually work. – I hope you’ve been implementing some of the ideas you heard on the last podcast. If you haven’t listened to part one…
Seven Magnificent Secrets for Getting What You Want, Part One
The first in a two Podcast series will kick-start your career as it offers powerful insights into goal setting that actually work. – Our topic today is the “Seven Magnificent Secrets for Getting What You Want.
The Most Important Skills to Master in Today’s Marketplace
This is a crucial topic because today’s marketplace complexity requires that people work together. Clearly no one single individual or one divisional team possesses the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to solve problems…
Three Mindful Habits for Balancing Your Life and Career!
I don’t know an executive alive that doesn’t feel overloaded, overwhelmed and out of control with their schedule. A recent survey confirms the reality of this. Listen to the results of a 2013 survey conducted by the Americans Psychological Association…
The Mindful Innovator
How to Blow Past Your Job Description and March Up the Corporate Ladder In today’s marketplace, it’s essential that you hold your career in your own hands. Let’s start this podcast with a grounding quote from William McEwan, the founder of MCI…
Powerful Relationships for Your Growth and Your Safety Net
What’s important when you’re designing your own career is to get out of your own way. I’ve taken thousands through this transformation process and it is my joy to do so with you. Let’s jump in to discussing today’s career stretching concept.
Be and Be Seen as a Change Agent – Not a Change Resistor
Change is the nature of business and the pace is just speeding up. As a matter of fact, for the last several years, the IBM CEO Global Study has revealed high level thinkers are seeing change as one of the top three issues facing their corporations…
5 Secrets to Finding More Time in Your Day
Negative thoughts will keep you from acquiring all you desire and deserve. Challenge any naysayer thoughts that drift across your mind. Take notes and make decisions later about what you’ll choose to implement and what you won’t.
Food for Thought
Resistance is the enemy of your greatness. Don’t let negative thoughts, running around in your head, keep from all you desire and deserve. I encourage you to challenge the naysayer of your mind — those thoughts that interfere with who you want to be, who you can be and who you should be. Now let’s jump into exploring today’s career stretching concept.
Your Career Success Isn’t Only About Today
Your career success is shaped by what you think about and what you focus on. If you’re mired in extinguishing the fires that flare up all around you, you probably have time to think of little else. Career advancement requires a much broader perspective. Listen in to this week’s episode and learn career savvy secrets to climbing that corporate ladder. Download the PDF Job Descriptor Get Out Of The Box Formula here >>
Proactive To Do Calendaring
Leaders of the future will need to be adept at the execution, tactical activities, as well as the conceptual, strategic activities. Yet you, like most people probably spend the bulk of your time and focus on firefighting and managing the day to day activities. Listen in to the audio below for insights on how to become a high performing leader, valued by your company…
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