I flat out am drawn to business. Every time there has been a crossroad, I choose the sign pointing toward the marketplace rather than away from it. That said, I’m not so profoundly enamored that I can’t see the dangerous fissures forming at the core of organizations for what they are.

For years as a consultant, I’ve been addressing the gender challenges women have and still face as companies often don’t recognize their unique, yet essential contributions. Now men are in the discrimination bulls-eye as years of disrespect, and in some cases, harassment has come around to bite many high-level male leaders in their preverbal butt.

But gender alone isn’t the only domain where systemic unfairness occurs.

  • Companies methodically devalue an employee’s contribution as mere cost-centers and bottom-line assets.
  • It’s been made clear by our organizations that anyone and everyone is expendable.
  • There’s statistically significant evidence that Gen X’s (and every generation in-between) receive job callbacks more frequently than do Baby Boomers.
  • As Harvard Business Review reveals, there hasn’t been a reduction in hiring biases against blacks for over 25 years.
  • Even human employees with their incomparable, creative brain, are under attack and downgraded by the touted AIs which are ready to take over any repetitive, routine work once performed by man.

Each of us is responsible for the transformation we crave. The truth is we all marginalized or devalued ourselves, if collectively we remain silent when discrimination is occurring against any group, whether based upon gender, age, creed, ethnicity, or race.

These are knotty issues. In today’s chaotic, revolutionary marketplace change is to be expected. None of us can assume deferentially holding on to the status quo is a winning formula. And yet, employees still remain loyal to attitudes and customs that harm the workforce and or the values companies have been built upon when it is no longer an option. Standing tall with fresh eyes is essential. This blog is a call to arms individually and collectively! It’s an “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any longer!” time in business.

Stop the madness.

It’s not easy for any of us to wrap our arms around the shake-up we’re all experiencing. And none of us is going to win ground by denying a revolution is occurring right before our very eyes.

We need to stand up for our fellow employees. No longer can we ignore actions that diminish. Instead, today’s times demand a proactive, selfless force that appreciates the strengths each brings to the business.

Where do we go from here?

Begin by operating as one who believes there is more than enough for everyone. You can’t be passive any longer by allowing yourself to be a citizen of any “zero-sum” game that injures countless employees, and instead:

  • Stop being quiet when someone is being harassed or diminished in your presence.
  • Publically recognize co-workers doing a great job.
  • Highlight the strengths of the disenfranchised and unrecognized employees.

This subject is a challenging one that impacts all of us working today—one requiring principle-based, courage. Are you ready to be part of the collective driving the marketplace into a whole new land?

Did you say yes? Before you do, check out Margaret Wheatley’s definition because what you’re saying “yes” to is a critical and awesome responsibility:

A movement is defined by the people willing to stay dedicated to their cause for a long time, those who take risks, work hard, expect defeat, and still keep going.

Don’t be part of the problem instead give voice to workability and solutions. It’s time—more than time—for each of us to take responsibility for the environment we work within and its people. For it is through respecting the diversity of everyone that we empower creativity, profitability as well as a healthy, thriving organization.



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