When you eavesdrop on your internal self-talk, what does it sound like to you? In many ways, this voice is prophetic. What you say to yourself determines your future. So, is it an encourager or a discourager?

Your future is shrinking every moment your inner voice is negating your abilities or disempowering you with insecure judgments. That voice may even be stating things you would never dream of saying to a stranger, much less a friend. There’s power in it that can diminish you, your career, and those that work alongside you. And it is chiming thousands and thousands of messages daily.

If you find you’ve allowed that unhelpful voice to gain command over your inner world, you need to eliminate it sooner rather than later—that is, if you want a dynamic future. Begin by:

Realign Your Thoughts: I know it’s easier said than done. Except you do have the ability to secure mastery.

  • It starts with paying attention and choosing to focus on the positive side of the equation rather than the damaging.
  • Next, ask yourself, “Is what I’m thinking useful to my present and future?” If not, reset. How?
  • “Thank your brain.” At some level, your brainpower is focusing on helping you. It aids you in bringing into being what you’ve identified as meaningful to you. And yes, sometimes we get caught in the rut of our own negative thinking, and our handy-dandy mind is ready and willing to support you in that outcome too.
  • It’s your responsibility to affirm who you want to be, as often as necessary to have your new, more positive choice stick. Is it someone who is always knocking yourself down or someone who’s building yourself up. Once you’ve decided:
  • Assert: “I no longer chose to negate myself. Instead, I’m asking you to support me in affirming my talents, values, and abilities.”
  • And each time you catch your brain introducing hostile thoughts, keep resetting. Readjusting your focus to what you’re doing right will move you deeper into celebrating yourself with confidence.

Why put so much effort into changing your mind? The rewards for today and tomorrow are worth every effort you put into this one switch to your thought processes. Let’s look at three components that will make it well worth your mental sweat, blood, and tears. There’s:

A Future Component:

  • With an expectation of positive outcomes, you’re more likely to put effort into whatever it is you wish to achieve.
  • Positive internal language taps into your imagination, so you’re continually rehearsing success.
  • It also promotes the belief that the best is yet to come.

An Emotional Component:

  • Aids in
    • boosting productivity,
    • enhancing morale,
    • and producing positive, bottom-line outcomes in all areas of your world.

An Assessment Component:

  • This view has you assessing:
    • adversity as temporary,
    • not entirely your fault,
    • and it allows you to roll with the punches.
  • You’re open to change that leads to making things better.

All of this leads to what Duke University uncovered when they followed MBA graduates and found that upbeat thoughts count!! Those who view the world through positive eyes receive more job offers, earn higher starting salaries and obtain more frequent promotions.

You see, words set the limits for your life. And if you don’t grab the reins and transform your inner language to celebrate an affirmative, optimistic, growth building reality, you aren’t providing a fertile creative environment to thrive and progress. Why not open the door to show-up self-assured and proudly for the rest of your life? You will reap powerful results.


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