I’ve been an active voice for not settling into right now’s new normal. I find it hard to believe that any of us would desire a lifetime of disease or isolation or limping commerce. As for me, I’m getting pretty done with it.

Instead of dwelling on the tough blip in our life story, I’m choosing to communicate the future I aspire to generate as often and as vividly as I’m able. I hope you, as well as everyone else you know, is doing the same.

We all recognize our words have power far more, perhaps than we credit. Psychological research reveals hopeful future speak aligns our body and brains to subconsciously partner in achieving the goals. We suddenly see possibilities where none existed in our minds earlier. And even more importantly, such dialogue projects confidence and optimism to all around—both leadership qualities.

So igniting our businesses begins with our confidence in verbalizing the bright future we desire. But that isn’t enough. Right now, we also must be strategizing about getting back to work. Business needs us now more than ever, leaning our minds and shoulders into recovery. Because how we handle our resurgence will define the future of not only the marketplace but our country as well.  Begin framing plans to hit the ground running—agile, better, and smarter than ever.

The issue for you to chew on is: 

What can I do on my return to be more engaged

and prepared to make a difference?

We’re All In This: Reopening businesses requires employing the spirit of togetherness, where each of us chooses to take into account the greater good of others instead of individual wants and needs. Fully ramping up compels us to jointly commit—leaders and staff alike—to return order and profitability to our companies. What does the employee gain?  Well, nothing less than our freedom to live in the sunlight of life.

Regenerate Not Invent: I’ve always been a strong proponent of innovation. However, the timing isn’t right. Regenerating what already works is a top priority for everyone. While you’re working from home or in a semi-empty office or furloughed longing to return to employment, begin identifying the processes and tactics that have kept the doors open. Were there any shortcuts established during the disruption which ought to be part of tomorrow’s new normal? Mentally weigh and balance what you’re responsible for producing or what services you offer. And then, take on the challenge Tony Heish, Zappos CEO, made when his company was nothing more than a greenhorn in the online shoe business.  He charged his staff with dedicating themselves to adding 1% value every day because that will make the company and you (the employee) 37 times better in a year.

Zappos counts this commitment as intrinsic to its rapid growth. Businesses have never needed this force of multiplication, more desperately than now. And the good news is you often have the wherewithal to implement your 1% idea as the owner of your position!

Set Bold Goals: Throughout history, Americans have had audacious visions supported by the intrepid entrepreneurial spirit of its people that brought about mind-boggling prosperity to our country. In times such as these, we can’t afford anything less than the biggest, boldest goals imaginable. Up the ante on any targets that don’t stretch you and your company. They’re not good enough. Then take one small step after another to achieve your emboldened vision.

Our history attests to the success of seemingly impossible goals. Think of Kennedy’s momentous challenge “to put a man on the moon and return him to Earth before the end of the 1960s.” Or the Hoover Dam completed in 1935, against remarkable odds that only changed the future of the American West. And an even better example of a wild vision becoming a reality is the Empire State Building. The builders were in a race to complete the tallest skyscraper ever. They won the contest in record time. And the Empire State Building remained the tallest building in the world for over 40 years.

What do you want? Employees are more than ready to return to their jobs. In the pause, are you realizing your career has sucked the life out of you, and your family? Are your kids, though ready to get back to school, thriving with all the games, and nature walks, and popcorn movie watching nights, and fun you’ve shared? Does this resonate with you? What new work engagement rules do you intend to live by and stick to in the future? Isn’t now the time to create healthy, life rewarding boundaries that work for you instead of against you?

What can materialize in our nation’s economy as everyone takes up the banner and initiates even one of the ideas mentioned to jumpstart our companies? Or imagine the impact on our country should each of us accept responsibility for all four.

It would as though we individually tapped into the secret of operating at the speed of light. It would bring into being an exponential and immediate expansion of ideas and profits. America would experience unprecedented recovery. But we each would also be living a life of personal satisfaction, meaning, and fulfillment! That is prosperity for everyone!

I can’t wait to be part of the powerful surge for the recovery of our country.

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