I sometimes fall prey to wishing away chunks of my life. Rarely do I realize that’s what I’m doing at the time, but that is the consequence.

This topic came to mind when I grumbled over a particularly tough day, “Oh, I wish I had the energy of my youth!”

It didn’t take long before another memory followed that left me chuckling.

I vividly remember years ago when I longed to be 30, so I would finally be recognized and respected for my abilities rather than a neophyte bringing little to the table. Somehow 30 was the mythical number where credibility occurs.

Longing to be younger or older or any other notion accomplishes little but wasting time.

We all have experienced times of wishing…hoping…wanting…longing. Regrettably, only intentional action moves you from point A to point B.

Have you ever gone down this rabbit hole? What immediately comes to mind?

Perhaps you desire a better boss. Or to receive a promotion. Or have a career you love. Or that others will recognize your abilities.

If you’re interested in generating improved results in your career, the secret is that wishing isn’t the way. Your grand future can only occur when you’re fully present. That means to elevate your achievements requires being fully engaged and focused in this current moment.

Yes. There is absolute value in reflecting on past activities to identify what worked and what could be made more efficient for profitability. And without future thinking, seldom will innovation occur, producing improvements, breakthrough products, or services.

However, neither the past nor the future can get those enhanced products or services out of your head into the world. It is only done through touching them now, not by thinking about doing so.

I know that in today’s whirlwind marketplace, this often isn’t easy and requires discipline. It is worth achieving as everything in your career improves when you remain present.

Let’s look at a success cycle that taps into the power of wishing:

  1. Wishing and wanting signals that potential is ready to be unlocked in your future career. Remaining at this stage has you stuck in frustration, mentally spiraling down, hoping for more, yet never receiving it.  

Or you can initiate….

  1. Action is the application by which you bring wishing possibilities to life in your job description and future. 


  1. Tweaking and adjusting brings stability and magic to your career hopes and dreams. 

Recycle as needed.

For a moment, review the possible wishing away your career thoughts mentioned earlier… better boss. Or to receive a promotion. Or have a career you love. Or that others will recognize your abilities. Or for me, wishing to be younger.

Think of them as problem-resolution hurdles to your fulfilling career. When you realize your wishing, ask yourself: “What can I do to achieve the desired results?” Begin patiently taking step after step until you devise a plan to make it happen.

Since being present enhances your career, let’s forge five easy-to-manage progression steps to move you from wishing to resulting.

  • You can be powerfully present without working in areas of your strengths, passions, and a fulfilled heart, but you dilute your concentration. You may be in the wrong field if stressed or mentally plagued by everyday work activities. Success can be yours in your current situation, but only when you work harder than most. Or you can resolve to explore what your calling is and touch it more and more often. You choose the pathway to fulfillment.
  • As each of us is unique, schedule work that aligns with your prime concentration time when mapping out your day.
  • It’s all initiated in your mind, so that’s where the power of being present begins and ends. Your curious brain naturally wanders from the all-important now. Don’t beat yourself up. Gently return your focus to the present.
  • Multi-tasking is a no-no to those committing to a career focused on working in the moment.
  • Remaining in concentration saps you. Being present doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye to your need for breaks. It may sound counter-intuitive, but shifting your attention strategically every hour or so gives you increased focus and the ability to be present.

Remember, career impact is a now activity and a heart issue. It is better for you and your company when these are aligned.


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