The term failure hints at a sense of gloomy permanence; and if you choose to relate to it solely from this context, you’ve trapped yourself in a mini-death of sorts. Allowing such a limiting attitude to reign supreme in your world has you missing the life birthing opportunity available from the event.

So, what would you prefer drawing more into your life—death or life? It is, after all, your choice!

Here are three points of wisdom you might want to meditate on until they saturate your heart:

Rise Above the Fear of Failure:
The mere thought of failure—not even actually experiencing itholds you small and keeps you from pursuing your big, possibility desires. The reality is these seemingly daunting bumps in the road are indispensable to achieving your ultimate outcome. Magnificent, stretching dreams provides you with the opportunity to try something new and are designed to develop your persistency muscle. This response attitude is an essential element of the DNA of successful executives who trust the process of moving outside their comfort zone. Research studies reveal that walking hand-in-hand with success is failure! You’ll discover as many going before you have; the triumphs you experience through failure are far more satisfying. Since they rest on the bedrock of doggedly moving through the barriers stifling you from being all you can be no matter how overwhelming they may appear at first.

Stick-To-It’veness: Winston Churchill’s “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honor, and good sense” is a 1941 quote used as a sage response in the face of failure. And no wonder, as this particular clarion call was delivered in the midst of crushing losses in World War II where the fate of England and the world was doubtful. It was said at a time when to “give in” or to “fail” was not an option. In your life, you may never face failure with such far-reaching repercussions as was losing World War II. However, you will encounter battles where getting back up against all the odds is required to actualize the life and career you are intended to achieve.

Allow “Aha’s” to Settle In: Part and parcel of the illumination process emerges out of setbacks, but only if you willingly dig-in for the lesson. Research from Stanford University reveals a correlation between the executives who are at the leading-edge of their field of endeavor and their high fail rate. One of the reasons reading the autobiographies of business executives are worthwhile is noting how their stumbles along the way led to insights, which were transformative and turned into the very foundation for their future success.

Are you prepared to change your perspective? Do you now perceive the possibility at the core of failure to celebrate the learning that arises out of pain or as a breakthrough you’ll soon realize? So, as you counter the harsh realities by harnessing these new insights, what can you conceive or imagine you can create? You see as you accept failure purely as a normal human occurrence, you develop, you grow, you prepare, and you become empowered to leap into the next whopping challenge of your career.

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