You may not be surprised to hear that many employees dread walking into work. That just isn’t right! Isn’t it time to turn this dismal state of affairs on its ears?

It’s fixable if you shift the work environment a bit and put your mind to it.

John Templeton Foundation’s study on gratitude reports:

  • Employees are eager to have a boss who expresses gratitude to them:
    • 70 percent would feel better about themselves if their boss were grateful more often,
    • 81 percent would work harder.

But the burden of a mental shift doesn’t rest entirely on your boss’ shoulder. You can elect to jumpstart yourself into a happier, more productive, and favorable state by flooding your thoughts with gratitude. Such a choice isn’t merely constructive for you. It’s also beneficial for those working alongside you.

Studies show that gratitude:

  • increases resilience to stress,
  • leaves everybody feeling happier,
  • has a direct impact on the ability to relax,
  • soothes distress,
  • adds to your social capital,
  • increases productivity,
  • motivates,
  • smoothes negative conflict,
  • and improves your sense of worth, creating positive connections.

As gratitude is so beneficial, here are a couple of tips to expand this magical, transformative emotion in your life.

  • Don’t Miss The Small Stuff: Sometimes, you’re so caught up in dissatisfaction you miss all of the good occurring around. You know your co-worker who lends a hand when you’re overwhelmed; or the executive who connected with your idea. With this expanded sense of gratitude, your focus goes beyond self to discern the meaningful and valuable.
  • Count Your Blessings: As you travel to work and then again, on your way home, count your blessings. You always have a choice to measure your day based upon all the good around you—or not. Which view of work would you prefer expanding?
  • Stash Feelings of Gratitude. It helps to tap into good memories when faced with disheartening situations. Recalling past times of gratitude will transform the difficult circumstance of the moment and allow you to dwell in a more joyous reality.
  • Give Gratitude: As you share with others what they have done that you’re grateful for, make sure you’re specific and offer details. Your “thanks” will have added impact. Gratitude is contagious.
  • Practice Sharing The Good. You create a climate of positivity when you communicate what is going well at meetings. Recall emotions are contagious. When you help another recognize and celebrate what is going right, your senses lift too. Go out and spread the good news.
  • Savor Your Positive Experiences. Don’t just name what you appreciate; instead, live fully in the emotions of gratefulness. You’ll feel infinitely more alive and energetic.
  • Gratitude Journal: Did you know research shows that daily recording what you are grateful for has you feeling 25 percent happier? Evidence also shows it will increase your sense of well-being. What a gift to yourself!

Gratitude is not only a feeling you self-generate. It’s a gift you freely give to others as it’s contagious—a contagion that creates an enhanced work environment for everyone. Since living a life filled with gratitude is optional, why not choose to create the best emotional environment possible for yourself, and those around you? As you take on this attitude, you’ll begin seeing the goodness around you that once you were blinded to.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. 

— William Arthur Ward, Writer


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