Women, have made incredible inroads in the business world, and yet, there’s still a ways to go baby!

I ran smack-dab into a barrier to female equality when introduced as a pioneer in the field of gender-inclusive leadership for women. That lit-up a response—a negative one—in the heart of a well-respected C-suite leader.

Let’s address a couple of his opinions:

Not all leaders wear blinders on this issue; however, combating such attitudes will aid in realizing women’s inclusiveness.


  1. Champions: Leverage your time to include connecting with men in the organization. Interestingly enough, research reveals such support levels the playing field for women. And then there is the issue that men are more likely to be mentored by senior executives whereas women are more likely to have junior executive mentors. So, look up in your organization—way up—when formulating your network efforts.
  2. Confidence: Inside you recognize you’re good, and yet somehow you think it is inappropriate to project it. You’d be wrong. For it is as women gain the courage to communicate their expertise and abilities they begin competing as equals for the brass ring at the highest ranks of the organization. To become more confident, women need to stop thinking so much and just act. Success relates as closely with demonstrating confidence as it does with your competency. It is up to you to make known how talented you are!
  3. Risk: Business is about calculated action, yet women are often more courageous when supporting others then they are when it comes to standing up for themselves. Then, you add today’s workplace chaos into the mix. For men, stress increases risk taking whereas it decreases it in women. Stop attempting perfection and instead leap into decisions when you estimate the odds are on your side.

Women, you are far more powerful than you can ever imagine. Stand tall. Trust that your feminine viewpoint is essential, be strategic and don’t back down!

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