May 2021 be your BEST year ever….

And to ensure that occurs…..


STOP defining this year as doom and disaster—one you can’t wait to see in your rearview mirror.

There’s no question 2020 has been challenging for all of us, and though the saying is “We’re All In This Together,” the reality is we’ve experienced the year as individuals. For some, it’s been facing the:

  • Loss of a beloved family member or friend,
  • Or a layoff from your much-needed job,
  • Or un-imaginable, unacceptable deaths in our city streets,
  • Or the riots taking away our sense of,
  • Or fires destroying homes or uncertain, weeks of smoke-filled lives,
  • Or flattened by illness alone to fight the disease with strangers,
  • Or the election—one way or the other,
  • Or…. You fill in the blank.

Instead, close 2020 out, meditating over all your memories of the sweet moments because they existed amid everything else. The love you experienced, the wins you had, a new appreciation of all your blessings. Name everything that comes to mind and embrace it.

An appreciative mindset is what you want to fill your thoughts with as you enter the New Year. No matter what you face, you’ll live in the sure knowledge, there is always a joy to be found and love to feel and creativity to explore and success to experience.

This attitude or focus, or whatever you want to call it, will have you celebrating 2021 fulfilled!

That’s what I aspire for all of us… a sustaining, life-long attitude that assures success in 2021 not merely for one year, but every day! Welcome the New Year with purpose and possibility.

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