Are you having a troublesome shambolic week as I am?

Usually, I have a bit of control over my time—even if only in my head—but not today. It’s a struggle to maintain some semblance of completion and results. The feeling of being so out of control and helpless is not what I go to work to experience, and it stacks up with each passing day!

Much of the angst you’re experiencing right now is churning from your brain. With this in mind, I offer five rebounding techniques to turn any shambolic week on its ears.

Uncompromising Interruption: It may be roaring in frustration, 10 minutes rigorously climbing stairs, or diving into a chilly pool.  

A bit dramatic? Yes! But then disruption is essential. It breaks up any negative mindset running amuck as it unlocks your brain to click into a more positive, productive frame of reference.

No matter how bad a week is, many aspects of your job are going more satisfactorily than you acknowledge. The total weight of your findings is on what’s wrong. Flip the switch, or you’ll extend your shambolic week into eternity. A bit hyperbolic, and you get it, right?

Screw Priorities! We’re all trained to consider deadlines as sacred cows in our daily activities. However, this has you living on the stressful, fine-tuned edge of disaster. Sometimes it’s necessary to jump off your hamster wheel of must-dos to shift your attention to experience the grace of liberty and satisfaction. 

Try moving your work eye to a project that sings to your heart, even if it isn’t your top priority! The zest that occurs will be worth any minor project delay.u

Serve Others: Wow! That’s counter-intuitive, isn’t it? 

You are in a shambolic state already. Why in the world would you allocate time to aid others? After all, it adds more to your schedule. Crazy? No. That would be backward thinking.

Research shows a positive correlation between acts of kindness such as stress reduction, greater happiness and satisfaction, coping more effectively with challenging situations, and resiliency in the face of shambolic days.  

Additionally, no question that serving others in the workplace contributes to a positive work environment—one you generate and get to share in yourself!

Create A Mantra: When you experience a shambolic day or week, this tip will be worth its weight in gold. 

Do you, like me, get so stuck in the spin of chaos your brain shuts off? And once off, it isn’t easy to reconnect.

What stops and resets the world for me? I repeat: “I have more than enough time to complete everything I’m required to get done….I have more than enough time to complete everything I’m required to get done…Until the wires reconnect to the thinking, reasoning part of my mind.  

The world gradually returns to rotating on its axis as usual. Try it out…and own the relief for yourself.

Reach Out: Stuffing or simply not acknowledging aggravations injures you and those around you and never alters the situation. 

Instead, discussing the issues with wise counsel is healthier and beneficial for a speedy turnaround. Describe what you’re experiencing in your shambolic world. It is sharing your spiraling-down judgment with your trustworthy advisors. If you’re thinking, “What good will this do? I already have them twisting and turning incessantly in my head.” You’d be right.

If you’ve chosen well, however, a sage compatriot will challenge the toxic, stuck reflections of the week’s events. Hopefully, your advisor will assist you in gaining the perspective to begin crafting spiraling-up conversations. Stop stuck and start celebrating all that is gloriously well in your life.

The marketplace is too challenging and chaotic for you to avoid taking this emotional bull by its horns. How you implement these five rebounding concepts will vary depending on the nature of your particular shambolic week.

No matter what, it is imperative to regain control and focus proactively.

In the middle of all this turmoil, be kind to yourself and recognize that you can turn a shambolic rainy season into sunshine!

The topic is close to the heart of many who suffer through their own shambolic experiences.

I am keen to hear solutions you’ve discovered to avoid any shambolic emotions heading your way.

Your advice will aid all of us in getting back on track to live a productive week faster and more effortlessly.

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