Did you know that high performance is a natural outcome of employees and teams with a passion for what they do?

How effective are you at bringing this out in your people and team?

For many, the answer is not very. Gallup confirms this as their research reveals over 70 percent of United States employees are disengaged at some level.

Nancy Fredericks International introduces organizations to a whole new, powerful strengths pathway for teams to interact, thrive and become far more productive.

StrengthScopeWe know that creating powerful teams from a jigsaw puzzle of cross-functional members isn’t easy. If you’re looking for better collaboration across diverse team members, enhanced teamwork; and to introduce success strategies for future planning, innovation, change, and engagement, StrengthScope™ is the vehicle to achieve such improvement.

Typically, most think about strengths as something that they’re “good at.” This definition is not big enough for today’s teams. For improved results, the definition of strengths must also include the element of energy! An emphasis on understanding what’s right with your team members—identifying strengths and motivations—creates powerful, positive expansion that achieves previously unreachable levels of productivity.

An Attitude to Challenge, Stretch and Inspire

StrengthScope™ measures 24 work related strengths in four quadrants: Relational Strengths (Engaging Productive Relationships), Execution Strengths (Delivering Results), Thinking Strengths (High-Quality Analysis and Decision Making), and Emotional Strengths (Effective Management of Emotions). The two assessment instruments NFI is recommending are based on the science of peak performance and are the world’s most complete and innovative strengths assessment and development systems.

  • 360 StrengthScope ™: highlights the positive of each individual a view that frees up enthusiasm and productivity. It also identifies strengths in overdrive. Many instinctively drive harder with their core strengths when confronting disruption and change. Such a response knocks individuals and teams straight into behavior that sabotages performance. This new more balanced awareness is a powerful catalyst for dramatic shifts in results.
  • StrengthScope Team™: opens the door to achieving a whole new level of collaboration and productivity that teams never knew were possible. It provides an accounting of the team’s individual strengths as well as reveals a comprehensive overview of what is working, not working and team performance gaps that disrupt outcomes. The team learns how to use their strengths in complementary ways, how well they apply team habits (or productive behaviors), and what’s required to translate strengths into lasting success and change readiness.

These two together, comprise the foundation for enabling your team members to discover where they may be holding themselves back (not leaning in or relying on their strengths) or where they may be taking their strengths too far (harmfully overusing their strengths). NFI’s approach clears the way for improving individual and team results.

According to Strengthscope ™ Engagement Index:

  • 79 percent had improved confidence in their strengths and how they could best contribute at work;
  • 73 percent had improved overall work performance and results.

How would you like to achieve similar shifts in your team? You can. As your team’s competencies emerge out of their energy, your team lights up, and stunning results occur.

I’ve provided a taste of what is possible. If you’re interested in discussing team building from a StrengthScope™ perspective, simply contact me, and I will follow up.

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