Business executives with soaring careers practice recreating themselves regularly. It appears the combination of a vision and the desire to grow is part-and-parcel of those who are thriving today.

Reba McEntire articulates it best: To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.

You see designing a career, or a life that satisfies and fulfills you requires courage—as Reba pointed out—as well as self-awareness.

Take a momentary pause. Are you ready to do a gut check on yourself to reveal the shadows in the closet of your mind and open yourself to possibility? It begins by asking some powerful questions.

What habits or actions became a part of my last year that I want to keep? Moving forward into your future doesn’t mean giving up what’s been working for you. It does mean, identifying them and determining if they embrace the possibility of becoming all you hope to be. Your past habits launched your yesterday’s triumphs, but do they, also, promote your evolution into becoming the you; you plan to be tomorrow?

What do I wish I’d done last year that I didn’t? Lack of action always stops you from fulfilling all your potential. Dig deep. Are there any initiatives you didn’t take on because of fear or self-doubt or holding yourself small? Identify them, create an implementation plan (or at least move forward with the new ideas emerging from your highly generative brain this year), and stop undermining who you are designed to be in this world.

Have I identified my personal Golden Touch? This unique touch is the aspect of you that most closely aligns with your passions. As you assume responsibility for areas which include your strengths according to Gallup, you’ll be more satisfied and productive. But developing your strengths exclusively won’t have you realizing your dreams. You must also pay attention to your weaknesses particularly if they’re fundamental to your desired career destination.

Where do I intend to step up? This expansion attitude means you’ll be doing things you’ve never done before and this is what growth is all about. If you don’t expand, you’re stagnating. Begin opening doors to your future by trying something new that propels you toward realizing the next great, new adventure in your career.

Am I preparing and anticipating for greatness this year? Your brain is far more potent than you credit because it is next to impossible to bring anything into fruition without first imagining it. One continuous, stretching decision after the other builds careers. So, what are you anticipating—an amazing breakthrough that renews and energizes you? Or are you slamming the doors of your mind closed to possibility?

Once you incorporate the answers to the recreation questions into your everyday work life, you’ll be surprised by all the opportunities you’ve never seen before and all the miraculous doors opening without effort on your part.

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