As a strategic coach, my business experiences phases where client after client is asking questions on the same issue. For the last several months, interviewing techniques has been the top of mind topic. Not surprising as the marketplace is booming with more open jobs than workers, so many are eager to interview for their next great career opportunity.

Endless articles have been published preparing executives to realize a positive outcome. (Below is posted links to articles I’ve recommended to clients in the past.)

Though the subject category is brimming over with advice, I offer three points of wisdom to take to heart for your next big step up-the-corporate-ladder.

Two Distinct Viewpoints: Sometimes we forget there are two vital yet contrasting perspectives leading to a successful hire—the company’s and yours! Together you’re in partnership to uncover decision-making responses for both you and the company. Yes, the representative of the business is responsible for the determination to employ you, but ultimately, you’ll never be satisfied by receiving any old job offer!

You’re also accountable for vetting the company to determine whether the work aligns with your desired future as well. So,

o   Be prepared to own the interview—making sure you quietly and strategically introduce what you regard as critical factors to facilitate the decision-making process if it hasn’t already been tackled,

o   And you need to elicit enough information to verify the job accommodates the fullness of your potential—cultural match, career stretch possibilities, expectations of job performance you can control—don’t agree to an assessment based on any of your predecessor’s “buried bones.” That’s a sure-fire equation to set you up for failure. It’s your job to attain all the information called for to determine whether or not the job is up to your standard.

Being-ness: The entrance fee for an interview is your skills and expertise, but that doesn’t win you the “Yes.” Proficiency isn’t the distinguishing characteristic rather it is the uniqueness of what you’ve brought to every position you’ve had and all the ones you’ll have in the future. This factor points out why self-awareness is part-and-parcel of a career with an unlimited future. When you have distilled the essence of you, you’ll know every job offer you receive stands on the bedrock of who you are.

Trust Your Walk: I find it fascinating how clients seem to develop amnesia over their career history. What do I mean by this? Despite all the ups-and-downs in your career, you’ve ended up at this fabulous point in your profession not in spite of the bumps along the way, but because of them! Release the need to control your future—instead, trust you’re always progressing. No solitary interview will make or break your prospects, so go into every meeting being true to yourself, committed to reflecting and revealing what you bring to the table.

The very non-dramatic, non-emotional reason you didn’t receive an offer—the job isn’t yours! Be confident better is coming down the pike. You are on your way to being the next big business mucky-muck you intend to be.

Deep down you already know this wisdom, I’m just reminding you as you stand on the precipice of moving into the interview market yet again.

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Hope these resources add value to your interviewing techniques.

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