I sat down and said: Self. When you feel overwhelmed or discouraged about your today and even more doubtful regarding your future, what do you do? How do you shift your business into high gear?

After all, nothing requires a more considerable dose of self-generative actions than does an entrepreneur—especially a sole one, who has been in business for more than thirty years. You’ll discover the wisdom that kick-starts my business is just as relevant in your world.

Are you ready? Then, it’s time to:

RECALIBRATE: I don’t know about you, but I’m a persistent son-of-a-gun. This attitude has accounted for much of my success, and yet sometimes I charge forward to the point of foolhardiness. If you’re endlessly whacking your head against a career barrier, take a deep breath and pause. It’s time to reexamine your goals.

Are there tweaks needed to improve the results you’re generating? Is your chosen destination still the right one? Or is it time to reinvent yourself? After all, you’re always evolving. There’s nothing wrong with throwing out your entire game plan to design a new one that will encompass the reality of who you presently are.

RESET: Our whirlwind of the ever-changing work environment, as well as a busy personal life, leaves little contemplation time. Love yourself enough to discover where you’re joy resides through introspection—or as I like to say: contemplating your navel. When you allow yourself to drift, you’ll end up living a life you never intended, with a career you’re no longer proud of or enjoy. Calendaring time for self is the most dynamic future generating activity you can schedule.

GIFTEDNESS: Uncovering your talents is easy, and it isn’t. A significant clue is detected in your childhood, so begin the process by asking: What did I enjoy as a child? I bet there are golden threads that will lead you right into your today business world. Imagine getting to play and earn your living? What bliss! Another great question is: What do I do today that I get lost in where three hours pass as though it’s been merely three minutes? How amazing would it be to get paid for eight hours, yet feel as though you’ve spent eight minutes at work! Consider: What endeavor does your boss or fellow employees come to you for insight or advice? Often those around you witness your mastery with better clarity and insight than you notice yourself. Write everything down and hold it before you. This process isn’t just a quick dip your toe rather it necessitates meditating because this is your life.

ADVISOR: No one realizes a successful professional career and personal life without a lot of help along the way. It requires a teachable spirit open to receiving wise counsel. So, as you discover the next stage of your career, reach out to those you respect and admire soliciting their perspective to add richness and depth to your observations.

Ultimately, achieving your brass ring is a journey of stepping into your giftedness, serving others—your customers, your company, your boss, and your co-workers—learning from those around you, taking in the wisdom of your mentors as well as periodically pausing to examine where you are and whether it reflects who you are today.


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