As a manager, there’s no question we’re facing extraordinary times, where few historic markers exist. It’s forcing everyone, but most notably you as a manager, to think on your feet.

Your company is looking to you to generate success strategies for producing products or services right now in these troubling times as well as laying the groundwork to ramp up fast and furiously when again, business is fully operational.

Also, your employees are relying on you for direction. In these times where fear often runs amuck in the hearts and minds of your overworked or laid off workforce, they need a steadfast manager.

Remember, everyone, processes tough times differently. As you’re the most significant connection employees have work-wise, and emotionally, in the company, your attention is indispensable during times such as these.

Here Are Four Ideas To Help You Navigate:

  • Communicate More Than You Believe Necessary: I know you’re communicating with everyone, but are you doing enough? Let me tell you my revelation story. I’m a furloughed player on a Livestream production team. Leaders are making decisions right and left, responding to these confusing times. A number have a future impact on the scope of my role. The “Aha” for managers in this tale is: I’m feeling less and less a member of a once-tight group. And I’m uncertain what the job will look like once I return. Isn’t this the last thing you want in the head of your people? What decisions has the leadership team made? Have you circulated the information in a way employees recognize they’re still a valued component of the team? Can you imagine improving the way you convey information to everyone concerning what is occurring? 
  • Your Staff Is Worth Uplifting: It’s almost impossible to be strategic and do good work when one is worried. Only you have the relationship to boost morale with an outreach that creates a turnaround in attitude.

Think about sharing:

    • An encouraging quote.
    • An inspiring article.
    • A photograph of hope.
    • A short, laughter-filled, or heart-tugging YouTube video.

 Out-of-the-Blue Gifts: Companies have announced they are dispensing bonuses to their employees as a thank you for their heroism during these times—and that’s a good thing. But it isn’t what we’re suggesting here. Consider employee gift-giving that is far more personal and intimate. It is you, the manager, reaching out individually to each of your employees. 


    • A personal, handwritten card that expresses your appreciation and delight in them. It should be specific to have meaning. (98 percent of employees say they work harder for organizations that appreciate them.)
    • An Amazon gift card emailed to your employee. By the way, have you seen the array of gift cards they have, including Dominos—my favorite!?
    • An email of encouragement or a telephone or Facetime call. I’ve recently been sending prerecorded cell phone videos through text messaging.

None of these undertakings entails enormous effort, but they sure do make a massive difference to the individual receiving the gift of your attention.

And please don’t forget the employees who are working from home, furloughed or on leave because they should recognize they’re vital to the success of the company even when they’re not in the building. You contacting them now will make it easier for them when they return to work—ready and willing to hit the road running.

  • Celebrate the Successes: Most managers and leaders are future-driven, so you’re emotionally prepared for the long haul. While often, employees are more focused on short-term project completion along with the reward they receive as they tick off one item after another from the to-do list. Bolster your employees with a zap of energy by celebrating achievements, whether small or large. You may not relish confetti and balloons, but they do.

There’s no question, as work gears up again, you’ll want all your highly-valued employees returning revved up, ready to build the business back up… and loyal to you.

By the way, giving of yourself to your employees releases endorphins within your brain that opens the door to feeling better yourself. Don’t you love it? It becomes a win for your employees, a win for you, and, most certainly, a win for your company.

P.S. What are you doing to facilitate the coming together of committed, healthy employees? I’d love to hear the concepts. It would be my joy to pass your ideas along to others. So together, we’re adding momentum to healing our workforce and companies.


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