Well, you’re not mistaken.

The fact is who you are and how you interact with your staff impacts not only how they feel about the company, but the length of their employment. Gallup recognizes employees leave managers not companies.

You can see this as a burden or as a gift—it is your choice.

You may ask: “How can this be?

The trajectory of your career is in large part produced by the operational results you generate through your employees.

There’s no question being an effective manager isn’t an easy role that’s why not everyone makes the grade. Every day more is put on your plate with ever-tightening deadlines. In such an environment, it’s difficult not to lose track of management responsibilities.  Let’s take a look at several concepts which will help you soar as a manager.

Grooming, Growing And Advancing:—Readying your employees for their future through developing and opening doors for them isn’t only crucial for their success but influence how they judge you as a manager. As a Gartner reports managers, seem to be missing the mark in this arena as; only 40 percent of employees believe their managers help them develop the skills they need for their current role. Even fewer employees agree their manager is adequately preparing them for their future careers. That’s right!

Empowered Employees Thrive: The fact is that growing your people not only is great for their career, but it is right for you, the manager, as well, since it means you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Without question, your workforce is looking for a sense of fulfillment in their professional life. Research demonstrates employees offered opportunities to own their position correlates to higher productivity for the company and job satisfaction for themselves.

Caring Truth Teller: Sage advisors advocate catching your employees doing something right. You see offering specific “good news” feedback is a high-level management tool. On the other hand, many managers are uncomfortable sharing the “bad news,” where they initiate minor performance adjustments well before they become irreparable issues. And according to an Officevibe survey, it will be well worth your effort to make sure you’re constructively communicating with your people as 82 percent of employees genuinely appreciate feedback, whether positive or negative. So, as you create clear expectations, you empower everyone around you.

Flexible Work Environment: No doubt, employees are satisfied with a more flexible work schedule. A Gallup report confirms this with 51 percent of employees saying they would switch to a job that allows them flextime, and 37 percent would move to a position that enables them to work off-site at least part of the time. But offering a flexible schedule for your workforce doesn’t mean one policy fits all—each of your employees is unique with wildly varying preference. It is a delicate dance between the company’s culture and the employee’s desires. Designing such a work environment puts additional stress on managers with management by-walking-around now obsolete, and project timeline factors now a manager’s performance determinate.

How do you stack up? If you find yourself falling short, you may want to focus a bit more on one or more of these concepts. Not only will it create a better work environment for your employees, but it will activate your career future.

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