Hey, let me ask you a frank question. Are you feeling stuck in a time warp at work?

I ask because in several Open Forums I facilitate, the conversation’s focus has been on how demanding work has become, and yet how adrift they feel.

Such an attitude is concerning. A future filled with possibility require far more than that.

In today’s challenging business environment, executives have seemingly abandoned their professional refining efforts. Your boss may have you working on the big boulder projects entirely.

But no one can afford to be lulled into such an exclusive attitude. Striving merely on work productions is all well and good for your company, but you aren’t gaining ground in your career. Putting your career on hold only because it is a tough season means you’re delaying your future.

Yes, moving boulders is time-consuming. I recognize your days are often overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t advance your priorities as well.

So, what’s getting in your way? What will aid you in overcoming this drag to your prospects?

Biglier (Bigger and Uglier) Thinking Is Defeated Thinking. You know what I mean. We talk ourselves into how hard it is. The moment you contemplate career development, your brain says: I’m too busy!! Future thinking is too hard, takes too much time, yadda, yadda, yadda. Allowing that thinking to rule holds you small. The reality is 15 minutes a day or even an hour a week can make a big difference to the control you have over your career trajectory. 

Action Steps:

    1. Think small and doable.
    2. Make a promise to yourself that you will move your career forward one growth concept at a time.
    3. Stop overwhelming yourself and instead do something to improve your career when everyone is drifting during this season.

Neither Victory Nor Failure Defines You. Despite what you believe, staying safe is where genuine career risk resides. Stepping into the unknown is no guarantee all will go well. And yet, it is where growth and potential exists.


    1. Circumstances aren’t the defining factor, but your response certainly is.
    2. Without question, careers are long full of upswings and downswings. How you characterize what is occurring along your career pathway determines your results.
    3. Remember Edison’s response to a reporter’s question? I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. It’s times like these when persistence is an essential quality.

Enduring Isn’t Success. Many of my clients are celebrating their survival during this season. But that in no way translates into career victory for you. Please realize now is the time to press forward with expanding your career. Don’t lull yourself into complacency. You may be completing more work as you nail one due date after another. You know as well as I do, that isn’t enough to generate the future you desire.

Attitude Adjustment:

    1. Moving from here to your next big leap requires risk on your part.
    2. Misfortune and failure often lead to discovery as you learn the lesson of moving through rather than remaining stuck.
    3. Allow any unexpected and exciting spark along the journey to open your heart to an even better future than you imagined.

Staying safe is not the answer to attaining a career that is rewarding and fulfilling.

I’m alarmed by the number of executives who have hunkered down, accepting that pausing is the right answer. Regrettably, they’ll be sorely disappointed when those of you who have consistently made career progress, one incremental step after another, leapfrog over those who passively wait for the perfect time to add value to their future.

And leaders know this as they proactively introduce others to this concept as well.

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