It appears that many in business have chosen to outlast the chaotic times they face, their bad bosses, the unfair career development treatment by disengaging. Such an action is not a powerful response, nor does it shift anything one iota. But instead, use it as a strong motivator for taking on a proactive O.U.T.L.A.S.T. approach. Why don’t you try it out and see if it shifts how you feel about your job.

OUTLOOK is foundational to your success. You have the power to determine what side of the equation you align your concentration on—for improvement or not. If you disengage or are unhelpful, you surrender to circumstances, and never give yourself the possibility of being the hero who betters your organization. You can choose to take note of the good and connect with that instead of the subpar conclusions. 

UTTER ENCOURAGING WORDS to boost morale during breakdowns is a powerful skill. It sucks away the negative aftereffects from corporate disappointments and failures and any sense of helplessness. Your words need to be truthful, or your efforts will be counter-productive. So start identifying the lessons you can learn, or the abilities you want to acquire for next time, or….? This type of thinking is growth instead of stuck oriented.

TALKING TO YOURSELF positively when in the trenches will have you viewing the situation less treacherously and will aid in moving you through it more rapidly. Please note, I said positively! While everyone self-talks at least every few days—listen carefully to make sure you haven’t fallen prey to a negative or neutral internal dialogue. Such a conversation reinforces the unhealthy situation and doesn’t in anyway advance you at all.

LEADING no matter the level you hold within the organization is desired, most notably when disruption is occurring. What do our great leaders do? They recognize that employees are gifted, as well as all have flat sides to their performance. They also understand the power of focusing on strengths brings about constructive outcomes for everyone—the company and you, an employee. 

ACKNOWLEDGMENT is almost as useful as a magic wand in turning disengagement into committed behavior. James Kouzes, the bestselling business author, has reported that 98 percent of his study participants have stated they would work harder for someone who acknowledges them. And by the way, spreading the wealth upward is just as effective. Bosses positively respond when they’re recognized as well!

STEP-UP AND IN instead of stepping-back as constructive action invariably leads to progress. No one can determine your attitude—not your company, not your boss, not your co-workers, and indeed not circumstances—no one but you has the right to do that, so, step-up. Become a converter and an inspirer, which has you and everyone else around you transforming something negative into a future equipped for healthy change.   

TIME is at the root of all the OUTLAST tips. What consumes your time and focus either expands or shrinks your career possibilities. Duke University confirms this when they followed MBA graduates and found attitude counts!! Those who view the world from the eyes of positivity received more job offers, earned higher starting salaries, and obtain more frequent promotions. That’s a pretty productive way to spend your time.

I hope you’ve seen disengagement is never the answer. After all, success is in no way a passive occurrence. If you’re always comfortable, you’ll never grow. OUTLAST-ing is a success commitment to you.



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