PIVOT has become today’s marketplace watchword. I’ve come to hate the word. Haven’t you?

After all, it promises much but delivers little.

When I hear PIVOT, I envision facing a tough patch as I effortlessly swirl like a graceful dancer through the obstacle ready to complete my next step. It turns out PIVOT is more like a basketball player planting his feet to shoot a three-pointer only to encounter body blows and hands waving attempting to block the shot no matter how fast the player PIVOTS.

Haven’t you found this to be true? You try to PIVOT, but all you’ve discovered is more uncertainty, and more challenges—many more bodies and hands in your face!

What no one says, PIVOT is hard work. It requires sweat imagining, painful re-identifying work priorities, staying hopeful even when it’s difficult, and getting outside of yourself.

It’s an easy word to say, but it’s grueling to put into winning practice.

Yet, wow, is it worthwhile. Today’s environment presents an opportunity to thrive! There’s so much white-space for you to own if you know how to take advantage of it.

To tap into the white-space of opportunity, you need to uncover new ways of creating value as careers grow driven by ideas and ingenuity.

To tap into white-space you need to uncover new ways of creating value as careers grow driven by ideas and ingenuity.

For those of you who can’t afford to lose, you have no choice. Forget PIVOT and FIRE-UP!

Don’t expect it to be easy. But do expect it to be doable!

Before you begin, ask yourself, Who Do I Believe I am? I’ve got to tell you if you don’t think you’re worthy or have the power to attract everything you’re hoping for—you won’t. It’s as simple and as hard as that.

It starts with 7 Operational Mindsets To Transform The Results You Achieve Leading To The Promise Land of Your Dreams:

  • What’s Your Intention?: Mark, where you are and what you want to see transformed. Identify what you desire—not want—instead, connect to your burning desires!
  • No Looking Back: Stop regretting what was. If you’re doing so—even with a smidgeon of lament—you’re stuck…stuck…stuck!
  • Hope: Centering your concentration on the problem mires you in negativity. Acknowledge, yes! Then, move into HOPE. It isn’t passive. It takes heaps of courage to emerge triumphantly.
  • Garner A New Perspective: You can’t do it on your own. Start interviewing those who are succeeding in this environment. What are they doing that you aren’t? Hello, much needed new insights!
  • Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Until success kicks-in, change is never comfortable. Get excited just as you did as a kid exploring and discovering everything anew.
  • Say Goodbye: Most can’t give up their much-lauded winning formula no matter how bad the times are. You’re so accustomed to marching in a linear development track you often lose the ability to turn on a dime.
  • Choose Not To Give Up: Change is a choice. Moving forward is a choice. Success is a choice. Barriers are sure to emerge—It’s nothing more than an occasion to confirm: “Yes, I am committed to this journey,” and stay in motion.

I get some of you are probably shaking your head saying, what? These aren’t any deeply guarded secrets, and they certainly won’t attract what I long to bring into my career. You absolutely can take them on yourself. With consistency, you can deliver what you asked for into your world. It won’t be easy-peasy much as the word PIVOT isn’t.

Did these secrets stir optimism in you? Leap feet first to generate that career you envision for yourself. I assure you, you can do it!

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