Last week I led a Zoom RFL Lunch and Learn session entitled: Creating Hope For Our Future. I created a handout entitled Power Tips For Conquering Fear, Worry, and Anxiety. It has a slew of useful tips I thought you might enjoy yourself, so I’m sending it to you.





Believing is an action word and is fundamental to developing an overcoming mindset. It is a function of will! Not to do so is you intentionally choosing to live a “less than” life and career. 

When you feel any of the debilitating mindsets—Fear, Worry, and Anxiety—test out some of these power attitude tips: 

  • Take the Reins Of Your Outlook: Gosh… Aren’t you tired of hearing you elect your attitude? The fact is it’s true. You can’t get around it. It’s an interesting design of the human being that what we pay attention to is what we draw into our life. How would you prefer to live your life—in fear or hope? Yes, your determination makes it so.

  • Gratitude Journaling Rocks: There’s an inordinate number of studies along with personal subjective experiences confirming that using a journal to explore and then express all the good occurring around you turns your spirits around. It appears choosing to focus on what causes you to be grateful is a good thing. Additional benefits are received when you limit the number of negative words you employ. Try it out. 
  • What Are You Willing To Risk? One of the responses to fear is the “freeze” mentality. Doing something new, perhaps even risky, often moves you out into something brighter, better, and a heck of a lot more fun. If it doesn’t, at a minimum, you’re no longer frozen with fear! What steps are you willing to take? What one will you make?
  • Be Solution Driven: Putting your innovative brain in action is a sure-fire technique to move you from a sluggish state into rapid movement. It is how humankind has overcome every doomsday, world-ending prediction. The power of the human mind is an amazing, unstoppable force!
  • Give Attention To What You Want: Stop focusing on what you don’t want in your world. It’s far easier to say than to do. You need to persistently effort one emotional reboot after another. And don’t stop, as that is what achieving a loving life is all about!
  • Partner With Someone Who Believes In You: Although developing accountability muscle is a necessary element for your journey, it sure helps to partner with someone able and ready to encourage you on the thoroughfare of success. Never rely on your partner to such an extent you cease being accountable to yourself—no matter what. Your partner is a boost, not someone carrying you on their shoulders.
  • Challenge Your Excuses: You’ll often find that the root of your reasoning is nothing more than another layer of fear. It’s almost impossible to move through to your hoped-for-positive life if you don’t kill a couple of your pet saber-tooth tiger acting as reasonable excuses. Confront them and transform them into pussy cats you can overcome.  
  • Expand Your Territory: The smaller your territory, the more you bump into fear with every step forward. You can only break out of your tiny, restrictive sphere through being uncomfortable. Acquiring a “growth mindset” is a must as it is a strong element of a success perspective. So, start imagining bigger and braver adventures you can’t wait to initiate and intentionally explore new terrains as you conquer them through choice. 
  • Trust And Keep Walking: Haven’t you ever had a time of darkness in your past? You know where you felt as though you were stuck forever in a black, damp grave. Yet, after doggedly taking one-small-step-after-another, you burst into glorious sunlight to realize it was nothing more than a tunnel. The lesson is that when negative thoughts corrode your mind you’re trusting more in emotions than your life’s history! Why ever would you want to do that? 
  • Acquire Curiosity: Living a curious life cancels out any feelings of fear or anxiety, restoring you to the right thinking. Your brain can’t hold two opposite thoughts simultaneously, so begin exploring your challenge with open-ended, exploring questions. Suddenly fear is gone and excitement regarding the future streams into your consciousness. 
  • Create New Habits: You’ll discover along the way that you’ve developed bad habits, barriers to the results you intend to generate. Better outcomes emerge as the bi-product of new, more productive So, touch your dreams in your imagination and then, gently back-step your way to what you can do this moment to move your hopes forward. And then begin the practices to support your chosen direction. 
  • Weather The Storms: Everyone experiences highs and lows in their life, how you respond is you developing character for the long haul. If you permit circumstances to determine how you feel, you’ll always be awash in the seas of uncertainty—often stuck way longer than you need to be in the unfortunate side of life rather than in the uplifting, joyous occasions. 
  • On My Way: When down in the dumps, say enthusiastically: “Oh, I didn’t know this is what it was going to look like on the way to my future!” If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, whether by accident or a wrong decision, remember, you’re always moving toward your future. Something new is being realized right at this moment in the unknown. How do you want to respond? Get excited! 
  • Failure Is Not Failure: Crumbling or faltering in the face of breakdowns won’t get you anywhere. Crashing and burning is something everyone encounters as a course of life and is a time for celebration. Yes! Get energized, stay focused, and start learning the lesson. Failure can and should offer you the opportunity to rise from the ashes of your phoenix—expanding to step up to a whole new level. 
  • Character Development: Who you become is determined by how you respond to the challenges confronting you on your life travels. You gain wisdom through building your fall-down-and-get-back-up-muscles. The longer you remain a drop-down-don’t-get-back-up-sojourner, the less character maturity and toughness are built-up for the next struggle you slam into on your journeys. 
  • SuperHero Pose: Amy Cuddy’s research found spending a couple of minutes holding a SuperHero pose (chest out, hands-on-hips, chin up) changed people’s immediate sense of self from fainthearted to confident. How about taking on a SuperPose, when fear or worry or anxiety threatens to draw you into negativity?


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