As a woman executive, perhaps you’re wondering why resilience is such a big deal or even a worthwhile attribute for you to pursue.

Doesn’t the economic rollercoaster ride occurring in today’s corporate environment impact your company, at times even you? Remember, how the last bull market stimulated corporations to increase their facility, employee and project budgets. Wasn’t it fun celebrating the unexpected boon only for doomsday experts to declare later: No, now the market is uncertain, which caused these same companies to cut expenses and shelve expansion plans for the foreseeable future?

Or how about today’s tumultuous business marketplace where a company’s Board of Directors and shareholders vote in a massive, industry-changing merger—but, no, the government nixes it as a potential monopoly leaving both companies in a free-fall?

Or let’s bring it a bit closer to home. Your organization values you as a high-potential executive and then suddenly, you have a new boss one whose style is autocratic whereas your comfort zone is collaborative and empowering. Your bright future abruptly dims.

Of necessity, resilience points to emotional stability and an innovative never-give-up spirit. Here are several outlooks which make-up a resilient nature.

  1. Personal and Professional confidence: you recognize your gifts, so you don’t allow the perception of others to undermine you.
  2. Self-motivated: you are a full-on partner in the creation process.
  3. Future-oriented: you expect and drive for a better world for everyone.
  4. Fosters optimism: you chose to live a half-full glass mentality that has you exhibiting a solution realized life.
  5. Controls their thoughts: you believe circumstances don’t determine your attitude—you do.
  6. Tenacity/perseverance: you appreciate “down times” are merely an opportunity to reset and readjust the plan.

If you hadn’t already realized, I hope you’re beginning to get it now. Being flexible and responsive to situations is crucial for you and your career. And no wonder companies are rewarding the resilient spirit in their companies as it’s at the very heart of leadership!

Regrettably, for women, several negative thought-patterns are hampering our judgments regarding resilience. Let’s take a look:

  • “Women, more often than men, talk about vulnerability when they describe what it means to be resilient.” What’s up with that? Only your internal fortitude and strength allows you to live a life of resilience.
  • “More women than men equate resilience with the need to suppress their emotions at work.” Umm? The reality is a resilient response emanates from emotional maturity.
  • “More often women describe the experience as draining, or they’re seen as vulnerable.”[1] You’re ignoring the law of attraction: What you focus on is what you draw into being. You get to choose—exhaustion or exhilaration, helpless or empowered.

Part-and-parcel of expanding your resilience factor according to research is:

  • Attitudes:
    • Optimism
    • Self-knowledge
    • Self-acceptance
  • Habits:
    • Learning from experience
    • Work you love
    • Building relationships with people that matter
  • Responses:
    • Ask for help
    • Take control
    • Find a purpose.[2]

So, what new attitudes, habits, or responses are you going to begin transforming, so when the inevitable barrage of massive shifts and re-shifts entirely alters your work environment in a nanosecond, you’re prepared. Resilience emerges with each step you choose to take.

[2] Ibid

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