Challenge to SuccessNovember is my favorite month of the year because it is the season when we take the time to be thankful for all the abundance in our lives including family, friends; and for me, you. I am a blessed woman!

I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday is full of family, food, and a ton of love! My wish for all of you is that you extend your Thanksgiving throughout the year. To turn this into reality, I offer a few thoughts as my gift to you.

Thankfulness—Your Willingness To Trust From Challenge to Success

Without question, concentrating your attention on experiences and thoughts of Thanksgiving will galvanize you right into a happier, more productive, and positive frame of mind no matter the season. This committed focus is a choice which turns negative feelings you may have upside down having you realize how remarkable your life is.

What you’ll love about living with a heart-filled with Thanksgiving is that it is a multiplier emotion—as it enhances your life it also does the same for everyone who shares your world.

Embrace The Small Stuff: Negative emotions such as anger, resentment, and dissatisfaction fade away in the face of Thanksgiving. Sometimes you’re unconsciously so caught up in “what’s not working” you miss the positives occurring all around you. With this expanded focus, you will shift your attention from worry to rejoicing in each moment—no matter what may be transpiring.

Spread the Good. You create a climate of positivity when you communicate “what is going well.” Highlighting the positives is contagious. The truth is by facilitating another to recognize and celebrate “what is going right” in their world, their spirit is elevated as well as yours. By the way, writing a letter expressing what you appreciate about a person is an extraordinary gift to them. And it takes little effort on your part!

Savor Your Positive Experiences. Don’t just name what you appreciate; instead, live fully in the emotions of thankfulness. You will feel more alive and energetic. Choosing such an attitude will emotionally be as though you carry sunshine with you no matter where you are.

Stockpile Experiences of Thanksgiving. It helps to tap into energizing memories when faced with adversity. Recalling past occasions of Thanksgiving will transform the difficult, present situation, and have you dwelling in a more joyous reality.

As you choose to live in Thanksgiving, you will notice a shift in your energy because circumstances don’t determine the quality of your life or career rather your attitude does. Simply put: Thankfulness goes a long way toward living a life filled with happiness, and success no matter what comes down the pike to rock your world.

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