November is my very favorite month of the year, so please don’t rush it.

And yes the season to be jolly is already taking over the airways attempting to capture our attention and squeeze out Thanksgiving.

But I don’t want to miss this season of THANKSGIVING. It’s an exceptional time when our country presses into with gratitude all we experienced this year including work, family, and friends. And yes, for me, you! I am indeed a blessed woman!

As I think about you, your courage, your successes and your willingness to trust from challenge to success, I am in awe.

I am thankful and celebrating all that you’ve accomplished in your career as well as all you’ve done for my business. Without your readiness to refer your colleagues to me, there would be no Nancy Fredericks International. I am thankful for you.

I look forward to our continued relationship whatever form it takes. Again, thank you. May your Thanksgiving Holiday be filled with family, food and a ton of love!

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