The Seven Magnificent Secrets are transformational in nature. The innate power within each will kick-start you into a fabulous, new normal should you choose to make the most of the power. As there is a wealth of information bursting from my brain, I will address each secret separately. Individually they stand on their own, and yet, together, they develop internal strength supporting you to soar no matter the circumstances.

The series is incredibly relevant, particularly during these challenging times, with almost everything around you seemingly outside of your control. Some have inadvertently taken their foot off the achievement accelerator in response to today’s topsy-turvy world. Now more than ever, this is the season to lean into rather than backing off of your career. Rest assured, the secrets I will share returns power back into your hands.

#1 Secret: Visualize yourself living in the outcome. Do you judge visualization as a woo-wooie theory? Please rethink your view because you would be missing out on a robust tool for your career arsenal.

There is substantial scientific evidence that mental picturing harnessed alongside your business sweat equity achieves powerful, positive results. It supports refocusing your undivided attention from day-to-day activities to opening time on your calendar for nurturing your future. Such a pursuit empowers your imagination, and connects your will power to tomorrow’s achievements, not merely today’s—a twofer in the success equation!

You see, visualizing your hopeful future, according to Barbara Fredrickson, of the University of North Carolina, creates value as it becomes a dynamic cognitive, motivational system functioning for you. Such inner guidance has you going after more substantial outcomes, which develops into self-fulfilling prophecies. 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s a strong visualization component in the execution, and production side of your business world, so you’ve unconsciously been building this muscle for years.

The moment you become a collaborative member on a planning project, you exercise visualization. Or when a client complains about an experience they had with your company, and you assume responsibility for improving the system, you’ve begun the process of generating something different for tomorrow than exists today. All of these future/change activities require visualization.

There are few enterprises in your work or personal life that occur without first capturing your brain’s attention and resources. How about consciously adding the ingredient of this magical envisioning power to your career?

Big, bold, and exciting imaginings connect with your emotions, engendering an unstoppable force moving toward your career desires. By using colorful, dynamic language, you unite your brainpower with your future, today. You see, what you vividly picture, research reveals, your mind records as reality. Wow! That means you’re already living in your future.

Do exercise your powerful ally—your brain—to create your career narrative. The design schematic of this achievement machine is to partner with you dynamically. And visualization is the mechanism that turns it on for you.

It saddens me to see so many executives stuck in the rut of the business world philosophy. They’re waiting for their career to be mapped out for them by human resources or their boss or the roll of the corporate dice. And the organization’s focus centers on producing quarter-to-quarter, outcome-based, linear, quantifiable data leaving little room for possibility or breakthrough ideas to emerge. Don’t do this in your personal life and career!

Instead, break out into the boldness of all you can be by visualizing the results you desire. Such thought progression has your brain supporting you in a much more spectacular fashion than data alone ever allows. Be adventuresome and courageous as you conceive your future and all that you hope it will be.

Listen to what Anthony Hopkins, one of our greatest modern actors, had to say when Tavis Smiley asked him about his pathway to success. “I was born the same time as Richard Burton, the actor. He and his wife use to drive by my father’s shop when they came home from Hollywood. I thought I want to be like him. That is all I said to myself. I want to get out of this environment of my own empty mind.  And low and behold a few years later, it all began to fall into place. All in a strange, mysterious way…. not mysterious, but I don’t know synchronistic. That I do believe in, and so I ended up here (Hollywood). I visualize a lot of things happening to me.”

Visualization works for Anthony Hopkins and many other great achievers, and it can be a secret success transformer for you as well. It’s available that is should you choose to tap into its potent resource for yourself.

What are you planning on applying from this first topic—Visualization—in The Seven Magnificent Habits series?

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