I’m excited about # 5 of The Seven Magnificent Secrets, particularly in the framework of the series. This one has you profitably pivoting your attention to attain all you envision for yourself.

#5 Secret: Always set your eyes on what You’re Going Toward—Not Going Away From. This insight emerged from research on small business owners. As I read the material, I received a huge ‘Aha’ for myself and my clients.

What was it?

There are primarily two reasons people start their own business, or in your case, enable dreams to come to fruition, yet only one creates powerful, long-lasting outcomes.

Many pull the trigger to launch their business because they’re unhappy, unsatisfied, unrewarded with their past positions. Off they went determined not to replicate what they’d experienced previously. But think about it, what is holding your attention? This focus has you checking the rearview mirror to make sure you left the junk behind, and it hasn’t tracked you down.

The other reason, some neophyte entrepreneurs had a compelling vision they were eager to unleash in the world. They trusted it would make a difference not only for themselves but for everyone else who touches the idea. It is this conviction that prompted them to establish their business. 

Which thought process do you believe most effective? Well, if you answered Going Toward, you got it in one.

Reflect on this for a moment. You’re Going Toward purposes are driven by two forces acting in concert on your behalf. One is your designed out there in the future vision, steadily drawing you to it. The other power is the excitement in your heart urging you onward. No question about it, these are two dynamic energies to have on your side.

When you’re creating from the energy of Going Away From, you focus on what you don’t want. It diffuses your power harming the outcomes you desire as a part of you is always leaning back—not forward!.

If all of this doesn’t have you committing to the Going Toward premise, there is one additional factor. It’s the black and white goal-achieving nature of your brain. The impediment is discerning nuances never were built into your mind’s structure. When you say: “I don’t want a bad boss, or a dull job, or low salary.” Your brain is only hearing: “bad boss, or dull job, or low salary” as a command! The exact opposite of what you desire.

One of my clients found herself in a Groundhog Day-like-career-cycle when it came to bosses.

As a successful sales manager, she surpassed projected sales numbers time after time. You’d think she’d be golden. Never would anyone conceive she’d have difficulty with a boss. But, oh boy, did she.

No matter what twists and turns she made, my client ended up with “a less than terrific boss.” I’ve heard quite a few “less than” stories in my career, but this client’s experience took the cake.

With persistence, we discovered the root cause. Early in my client’s career, she left a company torn to shreds by a terrible boss who made every day miserable. My client vowed right then, and there never to be treated that way by another boss.

Every interview from then focused on what she’d left behind—a lousy boss. Do I need to tell you even after accepting jobs with great bosses, soon the boss departed, and a nasty one would show up? It was a vicious cycle robbing her of a satisfying career.

Finally, after burying the ghost of her long-ago boss, reinventing her attitude, and acknowledged she was powerful enough to work for anyone—devil or saint—she began attracting bosses worthy of her.

Take a moment to think about your aspirations. What considerations stimulate your goal setting? Is it Moving Toward, or is it Move Away From?

Have you discovered you unconsciously diminished your prospects because most of your dreams are based on what you don’t want rather than what you do?


Don’t budge just yet. You may still believe you’re crafting Going Toward intentions, but before you congratulate yourself too much. Peek at the underside of your process. Did you first identify what wasn’t working and then convert it into the opposite? Please rethink this approach. Naming—Moving Toward—what you desire propels and draws you to far more fulfillment when you achieve it, than any counterfeit ones ever can. I promise.


Feel the pulse point on your motivation before you check this attitude off your development list.

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