Stress is no laughing matter. The statistics spotlight a troubling tale.

The Center for Creative Leadership’s survey reveals that 88 percent of leaders feel work is their primary source of stress. And stress-related factors account for over 40 percent of job turnover. While the American Institute of Stress reports American’s say:

  • 63 percent feel stress over the future of the nation;
  • 62 percent regarding money;
  • 61 percent over their work;
  • And 51 percent with the violence and crime in our country.

Wow! It does look as though stress thoroughly messes with your life.

After all, stress not only takes a massive toll on you but the company who employs you as well. According to the America Institute of Stress, employee stress-related issues impact businesses to the tune of $300 billion a year.

It’s a hot topic around the water-cooler. The non-stop murmurings regarding how overstressed everyone is and the harmful effect it’s having is almost as though a one-ups-man-ship challenge is occurring. The prize for this competition is lousy health, sleepless nights, a joyless life leading to an early death.

The message is clear. Stress is an enemy to eradicate—yet, this isn’t the entire story.

There is beneficial stress which many of us don’t spend time nurturing. This aspect of stress even has a name—Eustress—which produces positive energy that charges you up. It keeps you tuned in, creative, productive, and successful. So, some stress is good. If you spend time recognizing, orchestrating, and embracing Eustress, you’ll end up saying: Thank you stress! 


  • Personal Barometer: Stress is an early warning sign. You do not become stressed over something unimportant. As your stress alarms begin blaring warning signals to your brain, it should have you paying attention to and prioritizing the changes you need to make to the destructive course you’re traveling. Start by identifying the root cause. Ask yourself: What can I do to mitigate this particular stress? Then, take a new action. Such a formula may sound easy. It isn’t. For you to triumph—commitment and persistence need to become your best friend.
  • Laser Focus: Have you noticed by putting a project on your “to-do” list it leads almost immediately to a surge of energy that drives you toward completion? This intense laser-like focus gets your creative juices flowing and improves your results. All of which leads to pushing yourself into a productive high-gear where you complete your tasks quicker and more effectively than you might otherwise have achieved.
  • Brain Booster: It may surprise you to know that stress in small doses stimulates your memory and thinking power as it boosts your concentration and productivity. Such a level of stress often creates the “flow experience” where the awareness of time dissolves, and nothing remains except tapping into your passions and strengths.

Consciously initiating these Eustress suggestions will aid you in functioning at your best. So, eliminate those stress rounded shoulders and sleep the sleep of a child at peace with your world as you learn to bring more Eustress into your everyday work and life. And then, begin reveling in the gift you have given yourself!

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