Do you wake up most mornings with your mind furiously spinning as though you’re a hamster stuck inside the wheel of your work life? If so, you are not alone.

Isn’t it time to turn this unhealthy mindset on its ears?

Rather than lying in bed allowing harmful thoughts to hold you captive, consciously, develop the practice of focusing on all that is good in your world.

Are you not able to come up with a single thing?

How about, I’m grateful for:

  • A paycheck every month that helps me provide for my family and myself—believe it’s not worthy of Gratitude? Think of those who don’t have a job.
  • Having the opportunity to work with a great bunch of co-workers. You get to chose who you pay attention to in your career.
  • Being challenged to grow and expand my capabilities. Decide to embrace the uncomfortable because this is where exponential growth takes place.

By flooding your thoughts with Gratitude, you will jumpstart yourself right into a happier, more productive, and positive state of mind. Concentrating on the upbeat in your world will shift your attention and help you realize how remarkable life is. You see, negative emotions are turned upside-down in the face of Gratitude.

Because Gratitude is not only a feeling you self-generate; it is a gift you can freely give others as it is contagious—a contagion that creates an enhanced work environment for everyone!

Research corroborates, Gratitude fosters realizing the maximum possible satisfaction and enjoyment from circumstances.[i] The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology adds that gratitude was a major contributor to resilience which is a valued attribute in today’s chaotic, ever-changing environment.[ii] And there are consequences when businesses don’t cultivate a culture of Gratitude according to a study by the American Psychological Association: more than half of all employees intend to search for new jobs because they felt underappreciated and undervalued.[iii]


Don’t Miss The Small Stuff: Sometimes you’re so caught up in dissatisfaction you miss all the positive. You know your fellow co-worker who lends a hand when you’re overwhelmed; or the executive who connected with your idea. With this expanded sense of Gratitude, your focus goes beyond self to discern the meaningful and valuable all around you.

Make it a practice of sharing the good. You create a climate of positivity when you communicate what is going well at meetings. Recall emotions are contagious. When you help another recognize and celebrate what is going right, your senses lifts too.

Savor and value your positive experiences.  Don’t just name what you appreciate; instead, live fully in the emotions of gratefulness. You will feel infinitely more alive and energetic.

Mentally stash feelings of Gratitude.  It helps to tap into energizing memories when faced with negativity. Recalling past occasions of Gratitude will transform the difficult circumstance of the moment and have you dwelling in a more joyous reality.

As you choose to live in Gratitude, you will notice a shift in your energy and discover your circumstances don’t determine the quality of your life or career rather your attitude does. Simply put: Gratitude goes a long way toward living a life filled with happiness, and success despite the challenges confronting you.







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