euDid you find some of your 4th of July conversations with friends and family centered on Great Britain’s EU vote? No, I promise you this is not going to be a political discussion rather a point of reflection.

I don’t know about you, but my 4th of July activities whether first Friday at Carbondale, CO (a small artistic community) or munching a hamburger at a backyard barbecue or sharing a picnic and blanket watching the fireworks flaring in the sky above, talk invariably touched on Great Britain’s EU referendum. It wasn’t so much the vote, but the aftermath of regret that took place on both sides of the table. “I voted to make a point–not that I ever thought it would pass.” Or “I didn’t vote because I didn’t think my vote mattered.” Or “I didn’t realize how leaving the EU was going to impact me and mine.”

frameThis dialogue isn’t exactly what I’m hearing from clients in corporations, but close to it. “No one wants to listen to what I have to say, so I don’t rock the boat.” Or “It isn’t worth the battle. One person can’t make a difference.” Or “I didn’t mention my concern. Senior management probably won’t think it’s important.”

No! Now is not the time anyone can afford passively sitting back and waiting for all to be brought right by others. We are working in a time of turbulence, and chaos, and change where every voice is essential. And where knowing what is going on and the likely repercussions to your company and career are required. So, if you’ve been hanging back even a bit.

Your organization can’t afford you not to be an innovative force for positive change. Does this require you recalibrating a bit? What do you think? Love to hear from you.

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