Are you puzzled by the question? After all, almost everything you read or hear relating to business tipping points causes you to believe the hallowed corporate hallways are shifting and stirring ready to bring exciting news your way. But that isn’t necessarily the case.

What most don’t realize is that a tipping point of change doesn’t automatically mean you’ll soon experience favorable results as energy can tilt in any direction causing either negative or positive consequence. You see it’s merely a system without conscious thought. It’s the split second when amassed momentum shifts into an outcome that you’re excited about or you aren’t.

As an executive ready for the big happening in your career, wouldn’t it be a dream come true to generate a bit of leverage toward the good side of things for yourself? You’re right. It doesn’t always work. But wouldn’t your life be mightily improved if one or two decisions impacting your career went your way? 

Tipping The Balance In Your Favor: It’s not enough to receive an A+ on every assignment in your area of responsibility. An elemental factor for tipping control of your career in your favor is by gaining a bigger picture perspective of your organization. Stop spending 100 percent of your energy and attention gaining a handle on the minutia of your job while never lifting your eyes to realize a broader, more comprehensive overview of your organization. Too narrow a focus restricts your point of view handicapping your decision-making as well as harming not only your career but your company. So, check out the view above and beyond your daily activities to appreciate a more expansive marketplace. Actively pinpoint what your global competitors are up to, stay alert to technology breakthroughs that may impact your expertise, identify possible business challenges coming from an outlier because that is how you transform tipping points in your favor—with knowledge, awareness, and business acumen.

It’s Tough Influencing Decisions In A Vacuum: Relationships, upward and outside your area of expertise, are a powerful medium for acquiring insight into what is coming down the pike in your organization well before any decision launches the next big new concept that disrupts your world forever. These connections provide you with insider information to maneuver proactively for the good of your career rather than reactively responding, which firmly identifies you as a member of the corporate herd. And you know as well as I do, you never influence an organization while passively following behind the pack.

Generate A Tipping Point Of Change In You: Let’s not ignore the full-sized elephant smack-dab in the middle of the dialogue. Yes, you may be standing in your way. Being outside the inner decision-making circle or not sustaining wins time-after-time can create an indifferent, disengaged spirit. Such an attitude guarantees, you’ll always be sitting on the bleachers with little hope of getting in the game. Without question, this isn’t how you want to experience your career. Is it? And you’re the only one who can turn it around.

If this sounds like a place you live in every day, ask yourself: How can I become relevant in areas that excite me and open doors for me to sit at the table where tipping points originate? Being relevant is the surest way of getting the juices flowing and recharging a hopeless mindset.

Congratulations. You’re now a tipping point generator!

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