What an unimaginable time. We’re seeing appalling, fear-based human behavior, and even in our duty-bound isolation, we’re witnessing and experiencing human compassion at its best.

How can we re-surface from this space in history as a better person than we went into it?

Seek To Center Yourself In Who You Are: With all the chaos, 24/7, bad news occurring all around, worry and fear have become best friends to many. Such emotions don’t create anything more than rivers and rivers of more of the same. Most of you don’t even realize what you’re birthing when you give into these unconstructive feelings. The truth is they bring nothing other than fight, flight, or freeze. When everything is swirling uncontrollably around you, these three responses are not very powerful to overcome today’s issues. Find your center. That’s where peace and wisdom resides. Tap into those emotions instead, and you’ll be more able to face all that’s in front of you.

Revive Your Habits: We’re all reeling in some way with the unparalleled 90 degrees, about-face turn of life as we’ve known it. But that doesn’t have to live long in your heart. During any disruption, it is essential to dig deep into your internal, committed, vital self. Why? Nobody, but you can recognize what’s right for you. Embrace your practices that engender an unruffled heart and mind. What are they? Is it physical activities or quiet moments in prayer/meditation or family loving, fun-filled activities or well, only you know? Put them into daily action. Renewing healthy routines will begin the process of calming the winds and waves of your life. The key rests in your hands—not in anyone else’s!

Be Generous To Others: Ask yourself, What gifts and talents and capabilities can I freely offer to others that will delight their heart and bring joy to mine as well? Don’t merely think about doing it, but put your thoughts into operation right now. Research from The Ascent tells us that high-generosity people were 23 percent more likely to be satisfied with their lives overall—but they were also happier with their relationships, their jobs, their possessions, and more. Why is this concept a particularly good idea now with spare time on your hands, and you’re facing scary challenges? According to the University of Notre Dames’ Science of Generosity Project, generosity activates the same reward pathway that is activated by sex and food. It just plain has you feeling good! What better an experience? 

Speak Future and Keep Speaking It Until It Comes Into Being: Today isn’t the “new normal.” We’re clearly in the midst of tough times. What you need to hold front and center in your mind is it’s nothing more than a blip in your life story. Start creating your future right now smack dab in the middle of this dark time by seeding through your words whatever you desire. To transform the negative energy around you, begin speaking hope and the reality you seek to generate. Soon, I’ll experience the rapid return of America’s thriving economy or innovative ideas that will improve the world are emerging from this dormant moment or claim the new reality of a harmonized/balanced family and work-life for you. This pause in the world is a time to pull out your most significant and dynamic potential. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

So, begin by communicating the future you intend for you, your loved ones, and your work life.

It is times such as these that reveal character and where breakthrough occurs, so expect something powerful to emerge.




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