Businesses have commoditized to such an extent they call employees “human assets”—a balance sheet term!

Through the years, linear, confirmable facts and figures are so exalted that the other side of the equation—Human Potentiality—is rarely examined or advanced. As appropriate as the business world mentality is, it limits the possibility of who you can be and where you’re going.

Building a career exclusively from the business world outlook creates a developmental vacuum. And it stifles a potent force that was and still is, a principal ingredient to many successful companies, such as Ford, Apple, 3-M, and Amazon.

Think about what was at the starting point for these “distinction making” companies. It was a person or a group of individuals who believed in the game-changing power of Human Potentiality.

As a core driving force, these companies connected to something far more potent than mere facts and figures. They built a future upon a belief in possibility—even though experts often attempted to diminish the relevance of the ideas.

Potentiality is the secret to producing unprecedented, breakthrough results.

There is more to our business reality than meets the eye. Once you crack open this realization, you begin to observe differently, trust in new ways, and imagine brand new possibilities for your career! In doing so, you unlock more joy and more accomplishments and more opportunities.

Our tomorrow is fashioned by what we think about, what we consider indispensable, what we study, what we discover, what we observe, what we try and experiment with, what we believe in, what we attach meaning to, and what we judge as worthy of pursuing. We control our futures.

The Human Potential concept isn’t a new one, just perhaps underexplored by you.

Your Human Potential is your unique capabilities. The answer to why you are in this world. What you’re here to contribute. What are some of the ways you may begin unveiling the vastness of who you can be?

  • It requires an open-minded attitude—one that has you exploring yourself at another level.
  • If you have even the smallest element of being a “people pleaser” or a “yes person,” stop. It’s hard to unleash your potential when you base all your decisions on what others may think about you.
  • You have to be in a non-ending inquiry about:
    • What you’re passionate about?
    • What you do effortlessly?
    • How do you see the world differently from your coworkers?
    • What do you thoroughly enjoy doing?
    • What are you doing when eight hours pass by as though only an hour has elapsed?
    • What puts you in the zone of concentration and achievement?
    • What would you continue doing even if your company didn’t pay you?
    • What do you look forward to when you go to work?
    • What you do so effortlessly you sometimes think you’re cheating your company when they pay you?

Exploring and then identifying these aspects will aid in understanding your Human Potential at a profound level. What you discover will be your gifts, your possibilities, your strengths, and your greatness.

Be the trailblazer for your career design, and then live in the reality of your noble purpose.


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