At one time, businesses believed professional know-how was the best predictor of leadership success.

Not any longer.

In fact, in most workplaces, your expertise is merely the entrance fee.

Look around your organization. Aren’t your peers likely to be the best and brightest in the field? Well, maybe not all of them! And yet, you know not every one of your highly-skilled co-workers will be promoted in lock-step to the next level.


Social/Emotional Intelligence is emerging as the new proficiency marker for leadership.

Careers now require a much broader range of talents to inspire and effectively engage the workforce in producing profitable results. In today’s high stakes more turbulent, fast-paced and diverse work environment an enlightened leadership style makes sense.

I hope you’re getting it. It’s an absolute job prerequisite that you focus your attention on boosting your capacity to handle the emotional side of the business as you have the rational more productive side. In fact, without demonstrating Social/Emotional Intelligence, you’ll be hardpressed to become the leader you’ve envisioned being or even the one needed by your organization.

Quick Awareness Quiz:

  • How good are you at identifying the motives and sensitivities of others?
  • Are you competent at self-managing and self-regulating your emotions?
  • Do you know how to read and respond in tense situations?
  • Are you able to demonstrate you appreciate and value your employee’s contribution?
  • How self-aware are you?

A “no” to any of these questions, calls for committed time building the more nuanced attitudes crucial for your Social/Emotional Intelligence fitness. Effectiveness in the emotional realm is particularly critical in our multicultural business world where employees and co-workers and bosses come to work from diverse backgrounds and experiences. So, how confident are you?

Check-out the Clues to Low Social/Emotional Intelligence:

  • Are you experiencing weak business performance in your department?
  • Do your employees easily get stressed?
  • Are your change initiatives stalling?
  • Are you witnessing high-turnover?
  • Do you see personality issues flaring up?

If you’re noticing any of these symptoms in your organization, own it. Never fear, with attention, you can develop and hone your Social/Emotional Intelligence.

Identify your improvement areas and then, focus on how you can become more adept. In fact, research suggests with education individuals can note a 25 percent improvement in achievement, a 50 percent improvement in interpersonal skills; and a 35 percent improvement in stress management.

It is unlikely that you can exhibit too much Social/Emotional Intelligence.  However, you can seriously harm your career and company when you add little or none in your leadership/management arsenal.

Realizing emotions are an asset, gives you the upper hand in engaging with people, coping with challenges, building relationships, and becoming an effective leader of people.

Get on the bandwagon. Developing your capacity will without question augment your career, but it will also establish the foundation for your employees to be engaged, energized and satisfied at work.

So, gain ease and comfort in leading with your Social/Emotional Intelligence skills. You won’t regret it.

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