There is no question that executives in companies today are in the middle of a chaotic, challenging season. Unprecedented, according to experts.

But you don’t need them to tell you about the topsy-turvy business world. An executive can’t read an article without headlines blaring the uncertainty facing them. And they live with its work pressures daily.

  • AIs are slated to replace you—despite never imagining they would impact you as a knowledge worker.
  • The never-ending argument… “No, you want to work from home… Yes, we need you to work remotely… No, now you need to return to the office.”
  • Hearing the news from large and small companies nationwide announcing sizeable “layoffs.”
  • Not to mention the stress of an uncertain economy.

There will never be a more significant time for executives to be innovative, breaking through barrier leaders.

In our rapidly evolving business landscape, relevant executives demonstrate agile attitudes. But that isn’t enough. They must constantly challenge any possible rigid convictions they hold head-on.

The watchword for ongoing success is resiliency. Sounds great, but how do you cultivate it? 

Knock Down The Barriers of Your Mind. Self-awareness is vital amid chaos and change. To navigate effectively, you need to identify the borders of your strengths, passions, and biases.

As you approach the outer edge of your comfort zone, here are steps to help you along the way:

  • Keep moving forward even when faced with internal resistance.
  • Put your thinking cap on to clarify what to do (not your emotions).
  • Evaluate the reality of your feelings… Are they accurate, or are you magnifying them?
  • Determine if your resistance aligns with your values and vision for the future. If it does, persevere.
  • Break down any barriers—particularly negative self-talk—hampering stepping into your next career evolution.

Conversely, responding entirely from your “already knowing this is the way it is” mindset is unhelpful in today’s faster, more fluid marketplace, where pivoting is often an essential skill for success.

Explore The Outlier Of Your Mind. Why is this so essential? A SAS survey found that 97 percent of executives believe business resilience is critical. This attitude means eliminating “fixed mindset” tendencies and leaning into a robust “growth mindset.”

How? This shift entails valuing and then acquiring new responses. Redirecting your reference point involves intentionality.

Today’s more diverse culture requires drawing your opinion from a broader social context. That means:

  • Slo-o-o-o-ow down.
  • Avoid responding automatically, whether positively or negatively, to ideas and initiatives.
  • Question assumptions to avoid incorporating biased perspectives.
  • Seek out the contrarian points of view to broaden your understanding.
  • Then ask:
    • Am I seeing anything that clashes with my belief that makes sense?
    • Does this modify my thinking and, thus, my response?

Move It From Your Mind Into Action. Today’s work environment is rough, no question. It is not a passive experience for any executive.

Pursue a new awareness with patience, persistence, and love of yourself and others. Ultimately, stepping into a resilient mindset requires guts, empathy, and action.

Applying resilience to your profession is a worthy effort, as it reduces career pressure and stress in the long run. It also helps you act and be regarded as the leader you can be.

Yes, the business landscape is changing rapidly. It’s evident that executives who embody agility in their outlook and actions better position themselves to remain relevant for years to come.


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