I stand as a one in five statistic of the sexually abused women in America.

Let me be clear. Am I glad our business culture has done a 180° turn where women speak up and are listened to by the authorities? Yes!

Do I believe some men have injured women? Absolutely!

Am I a stand for men being held legally accountable for their actions? You bet I am!

Am I overjoyed to see men losing their positions merely because of a “she said, he said” accusation? No, I’m not!

Though the #MeToo movement has started the ball rolling, there is a higher purpose in all of this.

While I don’t mean to steal from Martin Luther King, I too have a dream….

where women take their rightful place alongside men in leading our companies and our country into a new era—where respect for everyone, no matter their sex or positional authority—is the model. It’s a world where neither male nor female has the right to bully another merely because they have the masses on their side. We’ve longed for a time, when both sexes are valued and honored, where inclusiveness is the order of the day, where one can argue his or her position for the betterment of all, where men and women celebrate what each brings to the table, and where we work together harmoniously. (Excerpt Taken From Blog: Women, Is That We Want?)

When we build and stand for such an environment the #MeToo movement will no longer need to be a part of our culture’s dialogue. Our businesses and its workforce will experience unprecedented creative power through the synergy of men and women working collectively. We all have a choice, and each of our decisions has consequences whether for good or bad.

What if instead of arguing and blaming we emerged out of this time with a clear commitment to new opportunities and new beginnings? What if we spoke of a brand new exciting time in our business relationships? What if we chose to inspire one another to greatness?

What do you suppose could occur? I believe and hold it will be an entirely new business environment.

Do you want to step into this reality? It begins as we decide to:

Stop Pointing Blame: Before accusing others, do a quick check in of yourself. It is very likely you, also, possess some of the responsibility. (Related Article: When You Point A Finger At Your Boss, Three Are Pointing Right Back At You)

Start Speaking Up and Listen: Healing begins as you courageously and vulnerably share your experience with another, but it doesn’t end there, as listening is, just as if not, more crucial to the process.

Believe In The Power of One: I’ve always coached clients, and know, one committed individual can make a difference.

Challenge The Men And Women In Business: Ask daily…What one small thing can I do this week which will heal the gap we’re experiencing between men and women?

All of this requires individual moral courage and clarity of purpose. Let’s join together and take one small step forward each day.

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